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Arrived in Feb. 2004

Tenzin Wangden Andrutsang is a wonderful friend to the Tibetan Photo Project and is creating a beautiful photographic record of Tibetan living in exile in Dharamsala, India. When these two photos left arrived in Feb. 2004, we asked for some information on the monk and recieved the email at right.

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Updated Gallery of images by Wangden documenting March 10th "Tibetan National Day"

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Dear Joe Omigo, The photo that I send you is of a monk. We lovingly call him Kushok Geshe la. He used to be our religious and spiritual teacher when we were in school. Now he is in his 70's and retired. He lives at the old peoples' apartment. He was the one who nicknamed me 'Birdie'. Because he often caught us on trees in in bushes trying to pluck black berries.....ha! ha! ha! ha!.


And to these days many of my school mates will not remember me by my name but if someone says birdie in Tibetan (Jheewoo la) then they will say ah!!!! yes yes...ha! ha! ha! I am using the sony digital video camera that my wife's sister presented me when they visited us last year. It has a digital still shot with a memory card. Thats all for now will write later..... Adeious Omigo, Take care my friend wangden

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Portraits by Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang
received: December 2003









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