Gallery 11

View from McLeod Ganj

Tanya Kobilyatskiy of Denver contacted the Tibetan Photo Project and asked if she could do anything for the project during her Dec. 2003 trip to India. The goal of the The Tibetan Project is to put cameras in the hands of Tibetan and let them share their personal view of their world. We sent Kobilyatskiy six cameras that were donated by Kodak CEO Daniel Carp. Since Kobilyatskiy is a photographer, we suggested that she should give technical advice but that we preferred that she not influence the content of the photos and that the Tibetans should take photos of what they would like to show the rest of the world about their lives.

When Kobilyatskiy returned the exposed film to the Project in January 2004, her letter explained the process, "I handed the cameras out to different people whose film is enclosed here. They are Lodoe, Dawa Cheodor, Nyndak, Jam Yang and Sonam Darjee.

As far as I know, the people are students at the Dogga School in Mcleod Ganj."


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The Website introduction for The Dogga Adult Education Center: "The Dogga School provides the local people of McLeod Ganj and its surrounding area with free adult education. It aims to enhance the students' skills with language (the English language in particular) and computers. On this site you can find general information of The Dogga School, its structure, partners and location. The Dogga School is for a large part run by volunteers. So if you are looking for a volunteering job in India, you have come to the right place."


Since her return to Denver, Kobilyatskiy continues to work to establish communication with these Tibetan photographers through erratic email and a very slow process of snail mail. We will keep visitors updated on information for the photos in this gallery as it comes in. There were six rolls of film and we will add to the exhibit as they are processed.






Newly developed images! 3/2/2004






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