Gallery 15

Photography by Lobsang Topgyal

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Lobsang traveled to several Tibetan colonies in India from February through April. We received two rolls of film from Lobsang at the end of April 2004. The envelope had been opened and contained two full sets of negatives, no letter and no prints. While Lobsang is able to email, communication is still a slow and difficult process.

We do know that one of Lobsangs stops was Drepung where The Tibetan Photo Project got its start with the first cameras in the hands of Tibetan monks in exile. As we get information on Lobsang's new photos, we will post his information. In the mean time, we are posting his latest efforts.

More images will be up soon, please keep checking back and until then enjoy Lobsang's fantastic insightful images in Galley's #8, #15, #20, #21, #22 ,and 38

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Lobsang's goal is to organize a traveling show of his work in India and we welcome any help you can provide towards reaching this goal. Thanks to another generous donation by John Kittridge, this we were able to print and ship a series of 8x10 enlargements for Lobsang's exhibit. If you would like to help Lobsang build his exhibits in India, drop us an email at and we will give you the details.









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