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Received October 13, 2004 from Wangden.
Dear Joe Omigo!!!!

Thank you for your mails. Here I am sending some snaps and I will send you some negatives of some photos I took with Mr. Stones's camera. I hope you like the photos. This was during a candle light vigil organized by an organization called the GU CHO SUM (GOO CHOO SOOM) stands for September, October and March. Three months in the Tibetan calendar when major demonstration against the Chinese occupation took place in Tibet in recent years. So to commemorate 17 years of the demonstration held on September 27, 1987 in Tibet, this organization hels this candle light vigil here in D/sala. Many Tibetans were either killed or arrested in connection with these three demonstrations and many were sentenced to death of whom many have already been executed. This organization is an NGO and tris to rehabilitate ex political prisoners who escape to India. I am sorry I am not able to download the photos as attachments here so what I will do is, since I have already copied them on the CD I will send the CD to you along with the bills of the computer etc. I will also send you a short film I have edited on my visit to Rewalsar. (Tso Pema to us Tibetans.) Tso meaning lake and Pema meaning lotus. This place is sacred to us Tibetans because it is associated with Guru Padmasambhava....Guru Rinpoche(RIN-PO-CHEY)as we call him. He is a very learned and a holy Guru who was invited to Tibet by one of our religious kings to subdue the evil spirits that were causing havoc in Tibet and no one in Tibet could subdue them. Guru Rinpoche subdued all these evil spirits and made them weak and harmless. This is as our holy scriptures say.

Thank you for forwarding my thank you to Mr. Tom. I have already written to him today.

This is all I can remember for now but I will write to you soon...take care my friend and keep well. Adios Omigo wangden.....hopefully more snaps to follow if the line allows me to...I have been trying to send them as attachments past half an hour.

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Tibetan Photo Project

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Besides contributing to The Tibetan Photo Project, Wangden has produced his own Website, which tells the long out of print story "Four Rivers Six Ranges" which chronicles legendary Tibetan freedom fighter Dzasak Lithangpa Andrug Gonpo Tashi. (Note- page is still in development, and thus all images may not load)

While this will be Wangden's first documentary film effort of sound and motion, his instinctive photographic talent consistently reflects his heart and passion through which he is able to live, see and send back to relate the full experience of life in exile.

As production begins, the working title for Wangden's film will be "Voices From Exile." Like The Tibetan Photo Project itself, the goal is to produce this from the Tibetan people.

Camera For Cultures and The Tibetan Photo Project cofounder Joe Mickey will act as the producer to finance the project but notes, "Like the Tibetan Photo Project, we know there are many beautiful and sensitive views of Tibetan life and nearly all of these have been created by the Western eye looking in on the Tibetans with preconceived notions. 'Voices From Exile' will be Wangden's vision and if not the original, he will be among the first to create a voice from the Tibetans in this medium. I have been a professional photographer and photo teacher for 30 years, so when Wangden asks, I will offer only technical advice.

Sazzy Varga, the greatest angel to this project, will keep the updates on the Web and advise us on computer technology."

We will keep you updated on the progress. The final cut of this film will be available on DVD and VHS with a projected release date no later than July 2005.

To keep up on the production details of 'Voices in Exile" by Tenzun Wangden, see the Diary pages here.

Individuals, critics and distributors interested in the obtaining advance sales and copies should contact The Tibetan Photo Project on the Web at or by e-mail at

Also see Gallery #13,Gallery #19, Gallery #23, Gallery #25, and Gallery #26, Gallery #33 for new material on "Voices in Exile". We hope you will also enjoy the journal entries on the making of "Voices in Exile" which we documented in The Diary pages









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