Gallery 21

Lobsang Topgayl Photos Received October 2004

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This past spring, The Tibetan Photo Project was able to upgrade Lobsang to an Olympus Stylus point and shoot camera. This will go a long way in making it possible to create higher quality and bigger enlargements for future exhibits. This gallery offers a look at a sampling from the first 8 rolls sent by Lobsang.

After seeing the exhibit at Antioch University in Santa Barbara, Tom Stone donated a Pentax Spotmatic that went to Dharamsala and will be used for production stills for “Voices in Exile.” (See links to “Voices in Exile” in galleries 13 and 18 on the menu to the left.)

Philip Deslippe has donated a Nikon 6006 to Lobsang that will further continue the effort to improve the quality of his photos.

Lobsang is now trying to mount and create shows of 8x10 prints in India. John Kittridge heped get Lobsang's project started with a generous donation. If you would like to help Lobsang build his exhibits in India, drop us an email at and we will give you the details.

Anyone wishing to donate a camera or funds should contact us by e-mail at Do not send cameras. We will make give you the details for shipping directly to India. While we have been working with a generous donation of 50 recyclable cameras from Daniel Carp, CEO for Eastman Kodak,we are making every effort to upgrade the quality of the images so please only inquire regarding quality, well-maintained equipment.

The Tibetan Photo Project does not have nonprofit status and donations are not tax deductible. We hope to apply for such status this fall.

More images will be up soon, please keep checking back and until then enjoy Lobsang's fantastic insightful images in Galley's #8, #15, #20, #21, #22 ,and 38

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