Gallery 27

Miss Tibet Pageant for 2005 Photographed Oct. 2004

By: Tenzin Wangden


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From the FAQ page of

1. When and where will the next Miss Tibet pageant be held?
The next Miss Tibet pageant will be held in October 2005 in Dharamsala, India.

2. Can anyone apply for the Miss Tibet contest?
What are the criteria to participate?
Any Tibetan woman fulfilling the following criteria can apply to participate in the pageant.

The criteria are:
A. Must have Tibetan government tax paid up to date. However, this criterion does not apply to a woman coming from Tibet to compete in the pageant.
B. Must be between 18 and 26 years of age.
C. Must be a minimum of 165 cm in height.
D. Must be unmarried and must not have given birth to a child.

3. How and where is the application submitted?
The application is put online on this web site in January and is submitted directly through the web site. The application deadline is end of June.

4. What should the applicants submit to participate?
The applicant is required to submit photocopies of the first and last page of the Green Book showing the Tibetan government tax paid up to date, date of birth certificate and two close-up and two full-length photos.

5. Is there any training provided prior to the pageant?
One week of training in physical fitness, stage craft, cat walk, dance, and a make-up and hair styling workshop, along with an orientation on Tibetan history, culture and current affairs, are provided before the competition.

6. Who provides the clothing and other costumes for the competition?
The contestants bring their own clothing and costumes.

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