Gallery 35

April 11, 2005

Remington College

Slideshow-lecture entitled: The Tibetan Photo Project with celebrity and co-founder Sazzy Lee Varga.

Remington College
The Pacific Church
San Diego, CA

This was the first presentation in San Diego.

At right are photos and captions of some of the event.


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This was the first presentation of the Tibetan Photo Project in the San Diego, CA area. Many thanks go out to Soraya Habeych who made the evening possible. Soraya is a teacher at Remington College and it was her belief in the project and its importance which motivated her to bring the slideshow and lecture to the students, introducing them a culture outside of their world.

Sazzy Lee Varga talking to the crowd

Audience members- included many students as well as faculty

125 people were in attendance for the slideshow-lecture.

Introductions for the presentation and Sazzy where done by two of the students.




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