Gallery 37

May 2005

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Lobsang Topgyal

Recent letter for Lobsong date June 7, 2005 (as we recieved letter with puncuation and spelling.)

Dear Joe, I certainly hope and pray that this mail of mine finds you in good health. i am very happy to read your mail. over here, i am fine and well. Right now, i am planning to do tree plantation. For my good news forest department is going to give 2 Acres of tree free. Actually land is so not that much good to produce crops and its depend on season. So, we thought this will help environment as well as to my self.I will send you pictures soon. Today, i am some news that there will be KALACHAKARA in month of Jan.2006 in the middle of India. It will be good If you help me that time to show exibhition. i nee some 10/10 size of picture which you feel good to show on eibition though i dont have that much capacity to do. but i thought of planning to ask for help. Thanking you, With all my best wishes your friend Topgyal


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Lobsang travels from Tibetan colony to Tibetan colony to record life in exile in India.

Often working in exchange for food, he has a hope of creating an exhibit in India.

His exhibit is one of the goals of The Tibetan Photo Project.

Contact us if you would like to help create this exhibit or to help support Lobsang in his travels.

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