Gallery 43

Photos from Jamyang Norbu, Drepung Monastery
southern India, received Oct. 14, 2005

Jamyang Norbu provided the first roll of film that
inspired the development of The Tibetan Photo Project.
From the work of several Tibetan photographers and the
monks at Drepung in southern India, some part of their
story has been told by the American print media with a
combined circulation that is approaching 26 million.
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Lobsang Topgayl has provided a view of life in exile
in the Tibetan colonies in southern India. His
photographs are rich with heart. Visit the
Gallery list to see all of Lobsang's beautiful and
touching work.

In Dharamsala in northern India, Wangden has evolved
his portrait work into the first DVD documentary
created in association with The Tibetan Photo Project.
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Jamyang Norbu in Exile




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