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Dear Mr. Joe Mickey and Ms. Sazzy Varga,

I had travelled in the Tibetan settlements of Karnataka (Mungod, BylaKoppe and Kollengal recently with my family.There is an interesting reason behind this trip. My son Chinku studies in a boarding school Chennai, Tamil Nadu where there are number of Tibetan children (most of them are sponsored) also study. My son become very friendly with many of them (that extent even talking and convincing us for the cause of Tibet) and he wears a typical thread around his neck like Tibetans. Vacation, his choice was these settlements for he wants to see where and how his friends live and meet their parents.   Before going to these places, i surfed the net to collect information. In the effort i found  your site very interesting.

tibetm friends
My son-Chinku (the tall one) with his Tibetan friends

And it was very pleasant experience travelling through the special land and meet the people and culture. We could even stay in a typical Tibetan household and people were very warm and hospitable. What strike in me is their community feeling. Nevertheless to say we had mo mos (since i am a vegetarian i had potato mo mos).

I am sending two photos (from many i have taken) to you since you are interested in it and maintaining the website
Chtta Dava (in Red) with his friend

Regards and thanks for your patience for reading this mail from an absolutely stranger.


(Note: At the Tibetan Photo Project we asked for permission to post the photos and the note.)

Dear Joe Mickey,

I would be more than happy if you would post it on your site.

Yes you are right my family is Indian more precisely, I belong to Kerala, down south and my husband is from Tamil Nadu.

I work for a German Foudation in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and my husband who is a freelance journalist lives in Chennai.

Travel and photography is my hobby (not so good at that) and I do short documentaries on social issues.

I will, surely, inform my son and his friends about your mail and I am sure they will be happy about it


A typical prayer flag in the courtyard of a house

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