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Blood Appeal Campaign


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Dr. Mahesh Yadav initiated a Blood Appeal Campaign to push China Stop Blood shedding in Tibet.

Blood Appeal Campaign 3
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Bhopal{21.03.2008}-. Convenor of Mahatma Gandhi Tibet Freedom Movement, Dr. Mahesh Yadav, on the eve of pious festival Holi, during a aggressive protest demonstration against the brutality of China, Blood painted the face of the Chinese President's in his poster and raised the voice against killing of innocent Tibetans in Tibet by China and shouted for sustainence of basic fundamental right of life of Tibetans.

New Delhi
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And, the World Peace and Free Tibet Activist -- Dr. Mahesh Yadav, initiated a Blood Appealing to push China to stop torturing innocent Tibetans in Tibet and to Stop Blood shedding in Tibet and to put pressure on China to free the Tibet and turn it into a place on Earth for Heaven of Peace & a religios place for Buddhists to The President of India H.E. Smt. Pratibha Patil and Prime minister of India Honourable Dr. Manmohan Singh respectively and he also Blood Appealed to the President of USA honourable Geogre W Bush, Secretary General of UNO Mr. Ban ki Moon, European Parliament and World Leaders and Institutions.

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Dr. Mahesh Yadav after writing his Blood Appeal in presence of Media and Indian public said that "It is a deadly unfortunate and tragedy for the World even though the World very well knows that it is inevitable that Humanity, Peace, Non-Violence, Environment on Earth and the Human beings as a whole can only be saved if Tibet is saved then also the World have no positive concern for freedom of Tibet in order to save Tibet.
Dr. Mahesh Yadav initiated a Blood Appeal campaign to push China to Stop Blood shedding in Tibet. and today if we will not led him to victory in his Non-Violent and peaceful Gandhian way of struggle for Tibet,then it is through that in the World no individual and institution will ever adopt this way of peace and non-violent and will always turn to a destructive way of struggle and will never help in establishment of Peace on the Earth and upliftment of the Human Rights, Human values and Human Dignity.

Blood Appeal Campaign 4
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So it is our earnest request and prayer to all the World leaders including Indian Leaders to come up firmly with speaking truth in the matter of Tibet that, it is not at all a part of China and never ever had been, and too the Great wall of China reveals the truth that this wall was constructed for non other purpose then as a boundry separating the rest of the other country from China, hence they must come forward to "Save Tibet-Save Humanity...Save Tibet-Save World Peace"

Amazingly, Dr. Mahesh Yadav {The Blood Campaigner} is incessantly going on with a Blood Campaign for the freedom of Tibet, since 4th november, 1996, being deeply moved after reading in a magzine about the woes of Tibet that how China is brutally torturing the innocent peace loving Tibetans in China, since the China had captured it.

Blood Appeal Campaign
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By, Ajay Jain,
The Working President,
Mahatma Gandhi Tibet Freedom Movement, India.

(Foot note ---Please find attached herewith....
--A copy of the Dr. Yadav's commitment for Tibetan people, submitted to UNO office on 10th march, 2008, at New Delhi,
--Photographs of demonstration against China in Bhopal.}

Dr. Yadva Blood Appeal Campaign 2
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