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Tibetan Freedom Torch
By Tenzin Dahchen


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Tibetan Freedom Torch
By Tenzin Dahchen

Aug. 3, 2008
Dharamsala / Mcleod Ganj
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All photos © The Tibetan Photo Project

Hi Sazzy and Joe
Thanks for the mail. Well, the pictures were taken on the 3rd of August. The Tibetan freedom torch arrived in Dharamsala on Sunday after traversing through many countries. Basically, the torch symbolizes hopes and aspirations of Tibetan people. This is being organized by all the Tibet support groups around the world.
I shot these pictures through a Sony Cybershot camera (one of my friends camera). My visit to Dharamsala was unexpected and so i forgot to bring my camera.
I too saw the news on CNN about the Tibetan activists who were protesting against the Chinese rule in Tibet.
You take care and i will write more later.
Tenzin Dahchen.

tibet t-shirt tibetan monks

tibet march tibet flads

Tibetan freedom torch tibet march-Tibetan freedom torch

tibetan baby tibetan people

tibeatn women Tibetan freedom torch arrives

Dharamsala India Dharamsala-tibetan freedon torch

tibet freedom in India freedom torch

passing the Tibetan freedom torch carrying the Tibetan freedom torch

tibet man tibetan people and flags

stand for freedom in tibet Free Tibet

tibet torch for freedom





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