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Tibetan Freedom Torch
By Tenzin Dahchen


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March 10, 2009 NY City
By Wangden

dear Sazzy and Joe,

thank you so much for all the updates.
Here my wife and I am very well. Listen I went to the 10th march commemorating the 50th year of Tibetan Struggle for FREEDOM and the illegal occupation of Tibet by against the communist regime. I was able to take some photos of the rally and the protest. I was also filming at the same time. It was along march from Brooklyn (south manhattan) all the way across the famed Brooklyn bridge up to 42nd street to the first avenue stopped at the UN plaza and then after that proceeded to the Chinese consulate same street right across manhattan from the extreme east to extreme west manhattan 12th avenue. Then later proceeded all the way down to 14 street on the 4th avenue. It was a very emotional day for me and all the Tibetans. Especially we are not able to get any kind of news from Tibet except that there are some cases of unrest. There is as you might know complete blackout of media coverage. So it seems that world will likely believe what the chinese broadcast and show. It is really sad and frustrating. I don't know how long will that frustration contain. As long as HHDL is here, he is like the cap to the bottle full of shaken frustated Tibetan soda. It is now becoming more and more urgent for the international communities' active role in support of the Tibetans' truthful and just struggle for their country and in the effort to preserve the Tibetan identity.

I am attaching some photos hope some of them will be useful.

take care and catch you later.

adios omigo!!

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