Gallery 69

Tibetan Freedom Torch
By Tenzin Dahchen


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On October 5, 2009, we received these photos from our long time friend and photographer, Lobsang Topgayl.

Lobsang lives in the Tibetan colony in Mungod in southern India. His access to internet is difficult.

He sent the following note with the photos. Be sure to click on them to see enlargements.

"Ah, I have photos taken at demonstrations in MacLoe Ganj too. If you need, please tell me. There are still many photos taken in Delhi demonstrations as you know, but maybe it's enough... And I am afraid if you can open them well, because as it took a lot of time to send them, it may take also some time for you to open them too. Good luck!! "

MacLoe Ganja Candles in the street Delhi


tibet demonstration delhi






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