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We hope you find this inspiring because this is all about what The Tibetan Photo Project is trying to accomplish! (click on any image to enlarge)

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Currently, we can not offer any tax deductions, as we are not a non profit organization. We hope, to become a non profit organization very soon.

We helped fund a movie by Geleck Palsang. Yhen we entered it into an Online Film Festival and spent a year working to earn him most viewed audience favorite.! In being the most viewd audience favorite- Palsang won a $3000 cash prize and today 9/13-2010 we received the attached photos and note from him in India.- ( Below)

Watch this exceptional film here ...

Dear Joe,
As we discussed earlier and i promised to spend the money on productive project, I thought what could be better to make our younger generation to have on-hand experience and learn through today's technology that too from grass root level. With limited amount i could able to buy only one desktop computer and donated to Home-no-8 students of Tibetan children village Ladakh on behalf of Tibetan Photo Project. They have around 30 students from poor family background,and some are orphan or single parent. They are getting basic computer class only after grade 5th but that too very limited due to large number of students. I am sure that they will definitely make the best use of this system and will prove helpful in their future vision. I personally requested few teachers to visit them often and teach and guide them to how to use. I can feel the joy and their excitement through these pictures hope you like it.
Thanks once again with prayers.


tibetan children

Tibetan children village Ladakh

Tibetan children village Ladakh

Tibetan children village Ladakh

This is what you are a part of with your efforts in screening "Save Tibet...Why?" on 10.23.10 We thank you and we hope you will give yourself one of these photos .. They belong as much to you as they do to us...
Thank you for your help... we are not done yet, but we are going forward...
Stick with us...
Visually, Joe and Sazzy




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