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Gallery 9

Photos by: Lobsang Wangyal

Photojournalist, based in Dharamsala.

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Prince Charles meets Miss Tibet

Delhi, 29 October 2003:

Miss Tibet, Tsering Kyi, had an audience with the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, on 29 October 2003 at the Tibetan camp in Maju Ka Tilla, Delhi. She was introduced to the Prince in the Free Spirit Show by Lobsang Wangyal Productions staged to the Prince during his visit to the camp when he came to meet five young Tibetan entrepreneurs.

The five young entrepreneurs will be assisted to maximize effectiveness in their respective entrepreneurial fields by the Prince's Trust.

Prince Charles admired Tsering Kyi's elegance and inquired about how and why she came over to India and the current situation in Tibet.

Tsering Kyi thought the Prince was down to earth, calm, and considerate. Tsering Kyi didn't know how to express her joy for having had an audience with the Prince.

"It was definitely an important and memorable moment for me."

Miss India International, Shonali Nagrani, was invited as a guest artiste in the programme.

Samantha Kochar from the reknowned Pivot Point, did make-up and hair styling for both the beauty queens.

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