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Update: June 5, 2003

dear joe this man is Tibetan but no house, no money, no work. Sometimes if I have money, I give to him but not day by day. If you can help to him, thanks. Mail to NAME JENPA CAMP NO. 7 HOUSE NO. 17 P.O TIBETAN COLONY MUNGOD DISTT KARWA KARNATAKA INDIA.

In October of 2003, the Tibetan Photo Project received its first e-mail from Lobsang Sang Topgyal. Lobsang has been documenting the lives of Tibetans. We are showing some of his photos and have included some of his e-mail excerpts as we received them-including language or spelling.

"Monk niyma story" By Lobsang Sang Topgyal

"Story about them Monk niyma from Tibet to India by a walk in 45 days , he come for education and to meet dala lama .india is better for studies. But for Chinese gov , does allow to our culture, but that time , he traveled in snowy weather for 15 days , his cloths were wet and with him their were two friends and due to bad weather the fell sick. And they were unable to walk. Then they enter into India military area. When he reached their his legs were injured due to cold whether , .and he was taken to hospital by Indian army, and their was no cure , so his legs were separated from his body. He stayed ion hospital for long period and did not get good treatment.when he wake up he found his both legs were missing, he feeled very bad , and he though why did he come from Tibet Tibet India.due to depression he was mentally disturb.then he was send to delhi and from their to dhrama shala by tibet government.then he was send to school and I did counseling , and studied mental health care for one year in dhrama shala. And I do counseling to Monk Niyma and he was also helped my two doctors eva and enolena from Holland. Now kusho nimya is in dhrama shala osger school and he still a monk. I just no this much and I will send more information as I recived about him."

"this photo are collected while i have done the social work in tibet society "

tibetan coloney


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"i am geshe lobsang topgyal i am gaden shartse monk.but now i am in sangli i have dental laborator in sangli.when i was in gompa i amthinking about tibetan refugee photo porjet but that time i have no time no i have time work with will think one photo book about tibet in india.what do you think about me.i am bhon in india 1974 25 12.o k.good bay.geshe lobsang topgyal sangli maharaster india. "

"i am in sangli .i will go to tibetan coloniy in mungod for my job,i will come back to sangli. after i will go to old of tibet refugee in india but i am oliy one. sangli is near kolapur. near pune. kolapur to sangli 50 k,m.pune to sangli 350k.m. sorry my english is not good.----lobsang topgyal. "

"dear joe and sazzy thank for your maill.i like your maill. so whin i was in 6 year my father send to me monastry in gaden. my techer is my father friend. that time i am small i feell happy with monk. that time no school in gaden onliy puja. but too much bom bom my teachar he is good some times. i have been in dharamsala 3 year work in health depadment .after i come to sangli for my dental lab. i have two sister therr (3) borther one sis work in hospital another is busnis with dad in sangli. one bor is t c v teacher in dharamsala one bor is sara monk, our fam is big. my mom say also in tibet our familiy ,but i dot no in tibet."

"after the tibet news mom and dad in 1959 come from tibet to india then after never been go back to tibet .So we have big family in tibet all are farmers and their are no education .My motherland is near sikkim and bhutan. "

"this photo is i was in ladak tibetan coloney tour and tibetan monk in u.s.a"




More images will be up soon, please keep checking back and until then enjoy Lobsang's fantastic insightful images in Galley's #8, #15, #20, #21, #22 ,and 38


Lobsang's goal is to organize a traveling show of his work in India and we welcome any help you can provide towards reaching this goal. Thanks to another generous donation by John Kittridge, this we were able to print and ship a series of 8x10 enlargements for Lobsang's exhibit. If you would like to help Lobsang build his exhibits in India.

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