Gallery 58

"Voices in Exile," screens in Delhi, India
Report by Geleck Palsang
Aug. 2, 2006


This report is edited for location information

Delhi Calling... Photos!!!!

Hi Joe,
Hope u keeping well and everything is fine, here i am sending few pictures during screening,
It was dark so i could'nt get a good shots, but i guess these will do.
Just for information, it ("Voices in Exile") was screened at Majnu-ka-tilla (Tibetan community in Delhi, India) on 2nd August, organised by rigional Tibetan Youth Congress and sponsored by few shop owners there at Majnu-ka-tila, and screening was done at free of cost to the public. Well, the crowd was good enough ...over all it was a successful show,
hope to hear u soon,
Regards, Geleck

tibet screening

Editor's note: Geleck Palsang is the Director and filmmaker of "A Noble Effort."
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