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Jam Yang Norbu in India

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New Letter Oct. 14, 2005 Also see new images in Jamyang's new Gallery #43

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New Letter May 27, 2005 click to enlarge. Contains info on images in Gallery 36

(Theft is common when sending packages to the monks in exile.)

Received on September, 2004

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Letters from a compassionate man living in India's season of hell
Every summer, the population of India broils in relentless summer heat. According to several recently published reports it is common for a few hundred to die countrywide in a week's time from heat related causes. Ironically, in the same year the Bush administration unilaterally withdrew the US from the international Kyoto Global Warming treaty, India has experienced its worst year on record. In India, summers is the season of hell. It is normal for the summer heat to burn above 100 degrees for months on end. According to several published reports, the number of deaths recorded on May 15, in one southern Indian state from record 120 degree temperatures totaled over 1000 in a single day. This concern has been brought home in a recent letter, dated May 6, from Jam Yang Norbu who lives at the Drepung Monastery in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

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