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Proudly announcing: "Voices in Exile" A film by Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang Produced by Joe Mickey in association with Cameras for Cultures & The Tibetan Photo Project Voices in Exile

Portrait of Self

After four years of the evolution of the effort of Cameras for Cultures and The Tibetan Photo Project to give Tibetans in exile a new voice and a vehicle to tell their story through their photos, Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga, co-founders of the Tibetan Photo Project are proud to announce the start of production of the first documentary film to be directed, photographed and edited by Tenzin Wangden Andrugstang in Dharamsala, India.

"Voices in Exile" A film by Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang Produced by Cameras for Cultures & The Tibetan Photo Project Production began in July 2004.

Almost since the beginning in 2000, Wangden has provided the project with exceptional images of life in exile, beautiful and touching portraits and a photo essay on a Tibetan pilgrimage to Bodha Gaya.

Wangden is a second-generation Tibetan living in exile and his resume as a teacher, activist and secretary in the Office of The Dalai Lama gives him both insight and access to the vast array of Tibetan life as it exists in exile.

Wangden's work for the project started with a few disposable cameras that were donated to The Tibetan Photo Project by Kodak CEO Daniel Carp. On his own, he advanced his equipment and shooting.

Besides contributing to The Tibetan Photo Project, Wangden has produced his own Website, which tells the long out-of-print story "Four Rivers Six Ranges" which chronicles legendary Tibetan freedom fighter Dzasak Lithangpa Andrug Gonpo Tashi.

While this will be Wangden's first documentary film effort of sound and motion, his instinctive photographic talent consistently reflects his heart and passion through which he is able to live, see and send back to relate the full experience of life in exile. His photographs have been featured in exhibits by Antioch University and the Meadows Museum at Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana

Like The Tibetan Photo Project itself, the goal of "Voices in Exile" is to produce this from the Tibetan people.

Camera For Cultures and The Tibetan Photo Project cofounder Joe Mickey will act as the producer to finance the project and Sazzy Varga will act as associate producer but the team notes, "Like the Tibetan Photo Project, we know there are many beautiful and sensitive views of Tibetan life and nearly all of these have been created by the Western eye looking in on the Tibetans with preconceived notions. "Voices From Exile" will be Wangden's vision and if not the original, he will be among the first to create a voice from the Tibetans in this medium. When Wangden asks, we will offer only technical advice".

Sazzy Varga, will also keep the updates on the Web and advise on computer technology.

A 40-minute work-in-progress DVD version was premiered in By Wangden in Shreveport on Feb. 27. The final cut of this film will be available on DVD with a projected release date of July - August 2005.

Individuals, critics and distributors interested in the obtaining advance sales and copies should contact The Tibetan Photo Project on the Web at or by e-mail

Photo gallery's of his work can be seen at Gallery #19, Gallery #23, and Gallery #25,Gallery #26 as well as in Gallery #33 which has photos from the work in progress screening. We hope you will also enjoy the journal entries on the making of "Voices in Exile" which we documented in The Diary pages.











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