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The Tibetan Photo Project invites you to connect with Tibet In Exile:

Http:// this is the official Website of the Tibetan Government in Exile and offers great links and information.

Http:// is the site for the International Campaign for Tibet and is very active in human rights and political action.

1-888-Tibet Now will get you started by phone.

Http:// Lawyers for Tibet; Read "Fabric of Fear" at this site on the torture of Tibetan Children by Chinese police.

For information on monk sponsorships go to Http://

"International Campaign for Tibet". Initial contact can be made by phone at 1-888-Tibet Now.

is the net connection.

Books: "In Exile from the Land of Snows" by John Avedon" ; "Tears of Blood" by Mary Craig. "Whispered Prayers" by Steven Harrison.

Snow Lion press offers a large catalog of books on several aspects of Tibetan culture. Http:// or call for catalog at: 1-800- 950-0313

Tibetan Nuns Project

Tibet Online

Ten years in the making, this award-winning feature-length documentary was filmed during nine journeys throughout Tibet, India and Nepaloug

The Tibetan Aid Project