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In April, Joe Mickey returned to Shreveport for a series of scheduled lectures to various groups that included directors for the American museum in England, elementary school students and a
Q&A session open to the general public.

The following are photos and captions of some of these events.

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Joe and the Kids

Joe Mickey was invited to talk to the Discovery students at Lakeshore Elementary school. The 40 students ranged from second to fifth grade and kept Joe on his toes with questions about how they could help the Tibetan people. Students were also busy checking the "Made-in" labels in their shoes and giving consideration to future purchase of the label. He provided the students with brochures for several organizations that support Tibet. The Discovery students are taught by Nannie Lewis. The talk and slide show was arranged by Leia Lewis who handles the community outreach program for The Meadows Museum.

Geshe and Joe
Joe Mickey met with the Geshe leader of the team of Tibetan monks creating a sacred sand mandala at The Tibetan Photo Project exhibit at the Meadows Museum at Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Monks work on Sand Mandala
Finished Sand Mandala
The sacred sand mandala created by monks from the Drepung monastery in southern India at the Meadows Museum is shown in several stages. The monks spent five days creating this mandala at Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Joe photographs monks Joe Mickey
Co-founder of The Tibetan Photo Project, photographed monks from the Drepung monastery in Southern India as they worked on a sacred sand mandala at the Meadows Museum in Shreveport, Louisiana in April 2005. The event was a milestone for The Tibetan Photo Project as the monks worked among photos that were taken by the monks of Drepung.

Kids & Monks
Within the 5 days of the monks of Drepung monastery creating a sand mandala at the Meadows Museum at Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana, over 500 students visited the museum to learn about the plight of Tibet suffered under the forced rule of China.

The Pamoja center was created 8 years ago by Jameelah El-Amin, far right, to showcase and highlight African-American art and culture.
Artists and members of the Pamoja Cultural Arts Center in Shreveport, Louisiana attended a presentation of The Tibetan Photo Project slideshow and lecture presented by Joe Mickey. The program was arranged by Leia Lewis, second from right, who arranges community outreach programs for the Meadows Museum at Centenary College.










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