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Interview with co-founder Sazzy Lee Varga  
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Visually and Respectfully Yours
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Media coverage on The Tibetan Photo Project

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The goal of The Tibetan Photo Project is to create a voice from
the Tibetan people

• We offer slide show / lecture presentations for groups and
organizations.(See National and regional reviews below)

• For editors we offer a complete and colorful feature on the
Tibetan Photo Project. Drop us an e-mail for a disc.

• The Tibetan Photo Project is happy to provide films and photos for Tibetan and Charity Fund Raisers
for screenings, awareness projects and charity auctions.

Please let the public radio stations in your area know they can
pick up an interview (free of charge) with Joe Mickey discussing
the Tibetan Photo Project with Monica Fuller at

The Tibetan Photo Project offers the first photos taken by Tibetan
monks living in exile, images of the Dalai Lama, informational texts
and rare 1932 pictures of Tibet.

* Current Active Projects Guide:

* Be sure to visit "The Tibetan Photo Project* Working to create a voice from the films and photos by Tibetans since 2000
*Our growing catalogue of documentary films can be found at
Stay Tuned In and be sure to bookmark our Events and Presentations page when visiting the site.

• Now over 440,000 views at the blog for India - You have never seen India like this .

* Guide to all our films and coming attractions:

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Cuture UnpluggedThe Tibetan Photo Project films at Culture Unplugged Film Festival

The Tibetan Photo Project earns $3000
for Tibetan Film Maker Geleck Palsang.

Jan. 18, 2010 The Tibetan Photo Project was notified that its submission
"Prayers Answered" by Geleck Palsang was the "No. 1 - Most Viewed" film at The Culture Unplugged Online Film Festival for 2009

The entire $3000 award will go to Tibetan Film Maker Galeck Palsang.

The role of The Tibetan Photo Project Co-founders Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga was to help direct over 170,000 viewers to view the film online.

Cuture Unplugged"Voices In Exile", Produced by The Tibetan Photo Project and filmed by Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang finished the 2008 year as the "No. 1 - Most Viewed" film on the online Culture Unplugged Film Festival.

Visually and Respectfully Yours - The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project finished the festival as the 3rd most viewed film.

Sazzy Varga and Joe Mickey would like to thank the organizers of Culture Unplugged for this great opportunity that allows the world to see these films in a high quality format online.

The Tibetan Photo Project films at Culture Unplugged Film Festival

Selling our DVD's is one way we hope to finance The Tibetan Photo Project Film Makers Education Centers in India, but we also know its important for as many people as possible to see these films. (We also share a percentage of sales with the filmmaker)
Please, after viewing the films, consider a donation if you can... but at the very least... please tell friends.
Visually and Respectfully Yours, Sazzy Varga and Joe Mickey


March 27th 2012 Tomahawk Leader News. 
Tomahawk Leader- India 101- Sazzy Varga Calhoun
Click image above to see PDF of article

Lake County Record Bee: March 10, 2012
Page 1 and above the fold report on The Tibetan Photo Project

From: Wayne Clingman Host of Indy Film Wisconsin:

"Ms. Varga, As Host of Indy Film Wisconsin I am pleased and honored to declare you an "Indy Film Wisconsin, Hero of Film".
Ms Varga your efforts in helping others in India and Tibet are wonderful and make a great impact. Sazzy, I see you are the best shining example of true stardom. May 2012 bring you great success."

Article at Racebending **NEW**

Maison du Tibet- Paris France has just requeted a set of our films.

Darkside Girls- Invited Sazzy to be apart of their community. You can hear her radio interview below. thanks so much Wayne and D.W- for your support in our efforts.


"REWARDING" -Parade Magazine
Seen by 16 million readers, resulting in 40,000 views to

The power of one frame of film:
•Linked by Harvard Asia Center for the Dalai Lama's 2003 visit.
•Linked by Africa & Asia studies, University of London
•Linked by the University of Virginia

-The Tibetan Photo Project has been selected as one of the 8th Annual Media That Matters Film Festival Take Action Links!

Australia Fund raising activities will be organized to support the publishing
of this extremely important publication.

City of Racine Wi - ran Voices in Exile on the PBS station. The station received many letters of thanks!

While discussing her career and new film on Wisconsin Radio- Indy Wisconsin- Sazzy Varga got a chance to discuss the current (August 2008) situation in Tibet and the progress of The Tibetan Photo Project.

Stock footage from India for Wisconsin Public Television

The Tibetan Photo Project on CNN in April
We have been informed and asked to produce material for a segment for a new program scheduled to air on CNN on Saturdays, beginning April 12. On March 27, CNN informed us that the segment was in the editing stage. This is the news we currently have. Check back, if we get advance broadcast information we will post a schedule.

July 28, 2007: Text Four-page update on The Tibetan Photo Project

Last night, 27th January 2007 was the first fundraising event at
the Dee Why Community Centre in Sydney. The Gyang-bod team
hosted a wonderful evening of entertainment and information on the
Tibetan issue. It was an evening of music, food, guest speakers,
finishing with a screening of the documentary "Voices in Exile" .

The Tibetan cultural events are proving to be a very popular item on
the Sydney calendar, as they are thoroughly enjoyed by participants
and guests alike. A social network is built between the general local
Australian community and the rapidly expanding Tibetan sector of the
community. Attending guests feel they have been transported to Tibet
for a night to experience the culture, warmth and pain of an occupied
nation, leaving at the end with information about the current situation
in Tibet and what they can do to support the plight.

"Their work precisely captures with insight and enthusiasm
the life of exiled
-Bobbie Liegh, Art & Antiques Magazine

March 2006 "Art & Antiques"- 3-page feature

March 2006 Review "Voices in Exile" Epoch Times International, Canada

Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Ohio, Sept 22, 2005 - Tibetan monks' photos reveal view
from within

Xenia Daily Gazette, Ohio Sept. 7, 2005 - Tibetan Photo Project at Antioch

Antelope Valley Press Southern California .July 2005 - "Voices Echo From Tibet,"
-By Norman Shoaf, City Editor

Fort Bragg Advocate News and Mendocino Beacon, July 14, 2005 -
"Documentary 'Voices in Exile' premieres in Mendocino."

University of Colorado - Scribe
Centenary College
Shreveport Times
Colorado College - Alumni Bulletin

"Audiences leave seeing China's treatment of Tibet as a microcosm of how the communist country deals with the world." -The Slice, Colorado Springs

"Tibetan Photo Project is a magic view into a world no Westerner has seen.
These unique photographs were created by Tibetan Monks themselves and
give voice to their story and culture."
  -Scribe, UCCS student newspaper

"Insightful ...touching." -GO! article coming soon!
Per Contra Visual Arts

2005 Interviews and Exhibit Video courtesy of Louisiana Public Broadcasting For the upcoming film from The Tibetan Photo Project Release Date: Fall 2007

click image to watch

Check out the new QuickTime slide show created by Tamara at the TS Divis Studio.
This program is 15 minutes long and depending on your internet provider it may take
a while to load. Patience please. Download QuickTime for Mac Download QuickTime for IBM .

Sept. 22 , 2005 Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) Tibetan Monks Reveal view from within by Arts writer
Bill Mayer

Sept 7, 2005 Xenia Gazette, (Ohio) Tibetan Photo Project at Antioch

Winter 2005, Light of Consciousness, "Voices in Exile" review

April 8, 2005 Real Estate Magazine / Mendocino Coast Property
"Voices in Exile" 1/2 page B&W

March 2005 -City Lights
The ARK-LA-TEX Positive lifestyle magazine
"Tibet, Monks in Exile are theme of exhibitions and programs at Centenary's
Meadows Museum"
3/4 page color/ Listed on cover

Feb. 25, 2005 -Shreveport Times
"Exhibit brings Tibet to Shreveport,"by Jennifer Flowers
3/4 page B&W / Circulation: 80K

Jan. 30 2005, Shreveport Times
"Centenary College puts focus on Tibet," by Jennifer Flowers
Front page Arts and Lifestyle / Sunday Edition/Circulation:100K

Winter/Spring 2004 Pema Karpo / Birmingham, Alabama
"The Tibetan Photo Project"
1/3 page color
Vision Magazine - December issue, Cover and feature story, "Faces of Tibet"
Circulation, 70K

BBC A new article written on the BBCI web site. A must read! Second article at
BBC-Edited Entry Guide

Santa Barbara Family Life, September 2004 issue, cover story, "Tibetan Photo Project at Antioch," 3/4 page color and full page inside back cover for opening at Antioch.

Antelope Valley Press/ Showcase entertainment section, Sept. 24-30, "Not From the Western Eye - Antioch University's Tibetan Photo Project Delivers," By Norman Shoaff, Valley Press City Editor. Two Pages

South Coast Beacon, "Worth a Thousand Words" - an Antioch University exhibit provides a glimpse into the lives of Tibetan Monks in exile, by Daniel Okamura, Center page color with jump.

Vision Magazine, Sept. 2004, "A Valuable Education," by Teresa Pergoia on Antioch and The Tibetan Photo Project

Santa Barbara Independent, Sept. 16, Tibetan Photo Project exhibit chosen as "Pick of the Week"

For their September opening exhibit of The Tibetan Photo Project, Antioch University also placed several significant print ads in The Santa Barbara News Press - Scene, The Goleta Valley Voice, and The Montecito Journal. They have also added an advertising campaign for the November slide show and lecture by Joe Mickey.

Mandala Magazine, August/ September. Photo from The Tibetan Photo Project to illustrate article. Photo credit

Ascent magazine, Canada, Issue 22, :Epilogue: The Tibetan Photo Project," full page end of magazine regular feature.

"The Tibetan Photo Project," Light of Consciousness, spring 2004
Colorado College Alumni magazine Bulletin (Full page color ), Winter 2003 - 2004, "Tibetan Photo Project Documents Monastery Life" By Anne Christensen

Fort Bragg Advocate-News, Mendocino Beacon, December 11, 2003, "North Coast Shows in December Scheduled for Tibetan Photo Project: Louisiana Museum will create an exhibition to open in 2005"
Meadows Museum Meadows Museumculture unplugged

Fort Bragg Advocate-News, Mendocino Beacon, December 4, 2003, "Photo Exhibit reveals lives of Exiled Tibetan Monks" By Joe Mickey

Integral Magazine (Spain), November, 2003 issue. Photo with Website credit

Pikes Peak Bulletin, October 9, 2003, "Tibetan Photo Project at BAC" By Staff

The Scribe (UCCS Student paper), October 22, 2003, "Spirit of Tibet in Colorado Springs" By Sarah Melchior

The Scribe (UCCS student paper, Page 1 full page), September 24, 2003, "Tibetan Photo Project - Photography Documents and Preserves a Culture in Exile" By Sarah Melchior

Clearlake Observer-American, August 13, 2003, Also published in Lincoln County Weekly ( Maine ),Fort Bragg Advocate-News* Lake County Record-Bee* Mendocino Beacon* "Tibet's Culture is Worth Saving" (Editorial), *Published as "Save Tibet... Why?" By Joe Mickey

Antelope Valley Press, August 9, 2003, "To Conserve a Culture" By Norman Shoaf, Editor

Hopedance, July/August 2003, Cover photo with Web site credit

Fort Bragg Advocate News, June 12, 2003, "Tibetan Photo Project Continues to Gain Momentum" By Joe Mickey

Popular Photography, June, 2003, "A Monk's Eye View" By Mason Resnick, Editor

Independent Coast Observer / Splash A&E ( Full Page 1 feature of section ), May 2, 2003, "Gualala Arts Lecture Series Presents: The Tibetan Photo Project" By The Tibetan Photo Project

Mendocino Beacon ( Page 1 color Above the fold ), April 17, 2003 "Tibetan Photo Project keeps gaining Momentum" By Joe Mickey

Lake County Record-Bee (Full page 1, B section, color), April 6, 2003, "Mickey's Tibetan Photo Project Slide Show Saturday in Lakeport" By Staff

The Willits News (Full page, b&w), April 4, 2003 "Mickey Returns to Mendocino College With Tibetan Photo Project Update" By Staff

Willits News, April 2003, "Tibetan Photo Show Coming" By Staff

Lake County Record-Bee, March 26, 2003, "Tibetan Photo Project" By Staff

Colorado Springs Independent, March 6-12, 2003, "Opening the shutters -Tibetan Photo Project Gives Monks A Window onto Themselves" By Noel Black, Arts Editor

Colorado Springs Gazette, March 2, 2003, "Photo Project Documents Lives Of Tibetan Monks from the Inside" By Mark Arnest, Art Critic

Diversity, March 19, 2003, "Mickey Tibet Photos at Mendocino College" By Staff

Springs Magazine ( Colorado Springs ), February 2003, " Tibetan Photo Project" By Staff

Mendocino Beacon, January 23, 2003, "New Tibetan Photos at MAC" By Staff

Lake County Record-Bee ( Full page 1 of B section, color ), January 18, 2003, "New Photos of Tibetan Monks Offered" By Staff

Mendocino Beacon, Fort Bragg Advocate-News, January 9, 2003, "Tibetan Photo Slide show Jan 31, at MAC" By Staff

Mendocino Beacon, January 9, 2003, "New Tibetan Photos at MAC" By Staff

From The San Francisco Chronicle
By Art Critic Kenneth Baker
See Photo and scroll to second story

Lake county Record-Bee, December 2002, "April Shows of Tibetan Photo Project" By Staff

Mendocino Beacon (Editorial), Fall 2002 "U.S. China Exchange" ( Jaing Zamin's visit to Bush Ranch ) By Joe Mickey

A&E for Mendocino Art Center, Fall 2002, "Update on Tibetan Photo Project" By Staff

Aquarius Magazine, August issue, "Interview - A Tibetan Monk on Preserving His Culture" By Joe Mickey

Lake County Record-Bee ( Full page, back page section A, Color ), July 31, 2002, "Tibetan Photo Project Continues, Parade Magazine Tells story to Millions" By Staff, "Letters From Tibetan Monk Living Through India's Hell" Excerpts of letters from Jam Yang Norbu

Parade Magazine, July 28, 2002, "Tibetan Monks Record Their Culture On Film" Intelligence Report by Lyric Wallwork Winik

Fort Bragg Advocate ( Page 1 color ), Mendocino Beacon ( Page 6A b&w ), July 25, 2002, "Parade Reporting Tibetan Photo Project" By Staff

Aquarius Magazine ( Full color center spread ), July issue, "Through the Eyes of a Monk" By Katherine Sargent

Art & Antiques magazine, June, 2002 issue, "Gone But Not Forgotten" By Bobbie Liegh

A&E for the Mendocino Art Center, Summer 2002 "The Tibetan Photo Project" By Joe Mickey

Lake County Record-Bee, April 27, 2002, "Tibetan Photo Project Slide show Set" By Staff

Lake County Record-Bee, April 27, 2002, "Tibetan Photo Project Slide Show Presentation" By Staff

Lake County Record-Bee, April 17, 2002, "Tibetan Photo Project Slide show Set" By Staff

The Willits News ( Page 1, above the fold, color ), March 8, 2002, "Capturing the Essence of Tibetan Culture" By Staff

Head Magazine ( 7 full pages b&w ), February/ March 2002, "Tibet at the Edge of Extinction," "The Tibetan Photo Project"

San Francisco Chronicle, February 5, 2002 "Photographing Monks" / Art Notes column By Kenneth Baker, Art Critic

Mendocino Beacon, January 24, 2002, "Slide Show Presentation of Tibetan Photo Project" By Staff

Fort Bragg Advocate-News ( Page 8, full page, b&w ), November 29, 2001, "Tibetan Photo Project Helps Preserve a Culture"

Mendocino Beacon (Page 1 above the fold), November 21, 2001, "Tibetan Photo Project" By Joe Mickey

Mendocino Beacon (Page 1 above the fold), Fort Bragg Advocate-News, August 23, 2001, "Dalai Lama Photos Worth The Effort" By Joe Mickey

Willits News (Full page b&w), June 27, 2001, "Kun-Dun" By Staff

Ukiah Daily Journal, June 8-9, 2001, "Local Journalist Takes Dalai Lama's Photo" By Staff

Lake County Record-Bee (Full page b&w), June 2, 2001, "Dalai Lama Photos Worth the Effort" By Staff

To demonstrate the variety of the effort to link and tell the Tibetan story through the Tibetan Photo Project, the following is a very small and random sampling of the variety of website's you will find the Tibetan Photo Project referred to or linked.

In an Ask Jeeve Search we found this reference very interesting and we are still looking for the text of the actual article.
ChinaReporter-Tibet Information Page The Tibetan Photo Project. Photography by Joe Mickey on direct orders from His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

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After visiting the Tibetan Photo Project Web Site, if you'd like a comment to be forwarded to the monks please e-mail your comments to Your comments will be printed and included with the regular mail correspondence to India. Please Re you mail to "Comments to Monks"

Visually Yours, Joe Mickey, and Sazzy Varga

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