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Searh For Light- A Nun's Story

Total estimate cost to finished production: RS 88723 or US dollars $1450

This is for a Macbook Pro and an external harddrive to edit his film.
We have covered Production Costs because of all of you!!

Still needed....

The Tibetan Photo Project and we still hope to supply Rinzjia with his own computer for editing.
Please write with any comments or questions
Visually, Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga
Helping to grow a voice from the films and photos by Tibetans living in exile
since 2000.

Film Proposal
I have been fond of filmmaking since childhood, for development my skill and to pay back the kindness to my entire teacher and also to fulfill my promise towards my teachers, Mr. Joe Mickey and Ms. Sazzy Lee Varga.

In today’s society, due to the outer appearance of few monks and nuns, the perception or attitude of lay people towards them is degrading and also their faith and respects diminishing which is the source of suffering for them.

It is not to gain profit for myself, but for the human beings, who once again can see the power of love and compassion and once again regenerate the faith and respect towards monks and nun, and hope to create a more compassionate society.

If I gain any merit in this work, I would like to pray for the well beings, sponsor of this movie and special to my entire teacher to get rid from suffering and long and happy life.


Search For Light

Thank you again to everyone who helped fund the production cost of the new film by a former monk; "Search for Light" which will tell the story of the lives of Tibetan nuns. We have put up a facebook page and film maker Rinz Jia will be posting updates and his thoughts on production as it goes. You do not need to be a facebook member to see this page. We still need to raise the money for a computer for post production ... but the filming is underway... thank you all again... here is the facebook page link for Search for Light

Proposal, Update and Credits. Thank you to all who helped get the film this far.


DIRECTOR by – RINZJIA (A 33 year old - Former Tibetan Monk for 14 years)
Executive Producers: Sazzy Varga and Joe Mickey
Produced by The Tibetan Photo Project

Short stories of one particular nun, her daily routine in Monastery and how she protect herself more than 2500 years old vow with the distraction from this amazing material progress century, and her perseverance to protect this vows, also thought from the Abbot and Teacher about the 21st century monks and nuns, whether they are able to keeps those old vows. Estimated Running / Feature length Time 2hrs.

Complete list of Co-producers who funded the
production phase of this film in alphabetical order:

Thank you for the production funding!

Betty Barber
Larry Beckerman
Sharon DiMauro
George Gales
Delton Harrison
Jennifer Girvin-Baker
Sheri Morse
Dave Natal
Julie Oliver
Martha Racine
Mark Roper
Tibet Aid Fund - New York
Brenda Ortiz Valentine

Department of Religion and Cultural
Nunnery Monastery & Individual Nun

Ritual Instrument (Sakya Monastery Bylakuppe)
Gangjung Doekar (Kalimpong)

Kalsang Choedon (Gangjung Doekar)

Abbot Jamyang Sherap (Sakya Monastery Bylakuppe)
Acharya Tenzin Dhargyal
Abbot and Teacher of Nunnery Monastery

Dolmaling (Sidhpur)

The Tibetan Photo Project (Dharamshala)
The Tibetan Photo Project would still like to provide Rinzjia his own computer for editing this and future films. Email us for details at with
Rinzjia Post Production in your subject line

The donations of the co-producers listed above will cover
Journey cost
Three time meals per day
Accommodation cost
Thanks Giving to Nun, Monastery, English Translator, Kalsang Choedon and Ghangjung Doekar

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