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Help spread the word and works of the Tibetans In Exile by purchasing the DVD's below or sponsorship! Read how donations help.

"The Tibetan Photo Project" is NOT a non-profit at this time so there is no tax write off or credit when you purchase or donate

Voices in Exile
Visually and Respetfully Yours DVD
Save Tibet... Why?
India 101 - Sazzy Varga

Voices in Exile - Most film and photography on Tibet is from the Western eye looking in. "Voices in Exile," by first-time Tibetan director Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang, presents the Tibetan exile community from the rarely seen Tibetan point of view.
Never before seen footage includes many surprising interviews on the future of Tibet and inspiring accounts of life in exile.

"Voices in Exile" has been produced in association with The Tibetan Photo Project at

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Visually and Respectfully Yours - The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project provides a look at Tibetan life in exile both in northern India and the rarely seen southern colony of at Mungod.

"'Visually and Respectfully Yours -The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project' will break your heart and uplift your spirit" - Debie Holmer, The Fort Bragg Advocate News and Mendocino Beacon

"An inspiring video tapestry... Heart-warming."- Sits Stunmiller, Light of

See why Parade magazine called the photographic works by monks living in exile, "Rewarding."

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Save Tibet...Why? Produced by Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga is the sequel to Visually and Respectfully Yours as The Tibetan Photo Project co-founders return to India for an update that is again directed in Tibetan communities by Tibetans. Through the 10 years of work by The Tibetan Project,Mickey and Varga are given unique access into the communities and lives of Tibetans.
Mickey has been a photographer, film maker and teacher for over 40 years.
Varga works as a producer, actress and model in the Hollywood community.

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India 101 - Hosted by Sazzy Varga Whether you are planning your first visit to India or are a seasoned traveler, "India 101" offers great tips, information, experiences, beautiful footage and unique and amazing access. The Perfect India Travel DVD. "India 101" makes a beautiful gift.


"India 101 -Hosted by Sazzy Varga" is packed with must-have travel tips, adventures, and even a few misadventures, food, laughs and amazing discoveries that are only possible in India. The documentary is an amazing journey itself" - Debbie Holmer, Fort Bragg Advocate News and The Mendocino Beacon

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India Short Stories 1 & 2

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India Short Stories - Vol. 1&2
India is a beautiful obsession. Chaos, funny, sexy, colorful, sad, human and joy.
Toss in the beautiful and crazy street fashions. You have not seen India presented in this way.

From two-time Audience Favorite Award winning filmmakers and producers, Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga, enjoy this collection of stunning and inspiring visual stories while you watch India come alive.

India short stories were collected on film during two and a half years in India. Volumes 1 and 2 have been combined on this disc and make a great companion to "India 101 - Hosted by Sazzy Varga"

Look for all our films on Createspace and Amazon
Visually and Respectfully Yours, The Story of
The Tibetan Photo Project
Save Tibet?Why?
Voices in Exile
India 101 - Hosted by Sazzy Varga

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Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga are two-time Audience Favorite filmmakers/producer gathering the most views over a year at the annual Culture Unplugged online film festival.


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How your donation to The Tibetan Photo Project have helped.

The Tibetan Photo Project is creating a voice from the photography and films of Tibetans living in exile. While it is not a non profit, it does not create any profit for us and we have funded the project with our own money, donations, fees from lectures, exhibits and film screenings.

Donations of cameras have gone to several individual Tibetans and their photos have helped tell their story in print press, and through radio and television interviews. See a partial list of media coverage at

Inspired by traveling exhibits, many people have told us they have signed up to support a monk or nun living in exile in India. In 2005, as part of The Tibetan Photo Project exhibit sponsored by Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana the college booked both the sand Mandela and cultural presentation for a fee of $10,000 for the monks of Drepung. You can find a link for both sponsorship and presentations by the monks of Drepung at Links

Profits from lecture fees and film showings have gone to support the costs of maintain and expanding the project as well as to meet the needs of individual Tibetans living in exile.

Personal donations to the project have been used to meet the needs of individual Tibetans and will now go towards the goal of establishing The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaker Education Center in India.

Once established, the education center will be entirely owned, managed and operated by Tibetans.

If you feel you can offer any support, sponsor a screening, help find a venue for the exhibits or have any other ideas or contacts, please email us at:

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**We have recently incorporated and are filing for Non Profit Status as: Camera's for Culture Inc. The Tibetan Photo Project will operate under this umbrella. We will let you know as soon as donations are tax deductible. ** 

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