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The Tibetan Photo Project- Founders News- 2007 and 2008

Film Clips and Trailers From The tibetan Photo Project on Youtube - this updates automatically

Jan- Mar. 2008

This new year will see a big change for us as we at long last are incorporating. The Tibetan Photo Project will not change it will simply be under the new parent company umbrella- Cameras For Culture. It is our hope to bring cameras to other cultures in need so through their own photos and documenting they can share they cultures and plight and educate in hopes of saving them self from extinction.

Cameras For Cultures will be a 501 3c Non Profit so that future donation can be tax deductible. We will update you as soon as the status is active. We that you for being a party of The Tibetan Photo Project family and watching us grow, we are still(as we have always been) operating out of a begging bowl, but we feel it is the right time to move in this direction. For us, The Tibetans, and hopefully more cultures in need.

Visually and Respectfully Yours,

Sazzy Varga and Joe Mickey

Cameras For Culture Ins

Holidays 2008

Sazzy Varga and I would like to wish you a very happy holiday season.

With any luck, over the holiday season you and all the friends on your email list will find some extra time on the internet.

We would like to share two of the feature films from The Tibetan Photo Project

We are sure you may want to pass on the URL's to all your online friends and we invite you to do so.

We also hope while you are visiting these films, you will scroll below the viewing screen and pick up the embed codes and add them to your various social and business Websites. It is in this way that we can all give for the season and help support the Tibetans in Exile.

So, Happy holidays... make up some popcorn... invite a few friends around the computer. PLUS if you send us a few pic's from your viewing we will add them to a new page we are working on called: Home Theater Events!

Voices in Exile and Visually and Respectfully Yours -The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project are currently the 2nd and 3rd most viewed, most popular films on MTV's culture unplugged.

If you have any questions or comments, email Sazzy and I direct at

Turn down the lights... the movies are about to start

Visually and Respectfully Yours, The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project

Voices in Exile

Visually and Respectfully, Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga

Mar. 2008

We just signed an urgent petition calling on the Chinese government to respect human rights in Tibet and engage in meaningful dialogue with the Dalai Lama. This is really important, and we thought you might want to take action:

(Offering this petition link is not an endorsement. Please check all sites linked from The Tibetan Photo Projectto your own satisfaction. )

(from there site) "After nearly 50 years of Chinese rule, the Tibetans are sending out a global cry for change. But violence is spreading across Tibet and neighbouring regions, and the Chinese regime is right now considering a choice between increasing brutality or dialogue, that could determine the future of Tibet and China.

We can affect this historic choice. China does care about its international reputation. Its economy is totally dependent on "Made in China" exports that we all buy, and it is keen to make the Olympics in Beijing this summer a celebration of a new China that is a respected world power.

President Hu needs to hear that 'Brand China' and the Olympics can succeed only if he makes the right choice. But it will take an avalanche of global people power to get his attention. Click below to join me and sign a petition to President Hu calling for restraint in Tibet and dialogue with the Dalai Lama -- and tell absolutely everyone you can right away. The petition is organized by Avaaz, and they are urgently aiming to reach 1 million signatures to deliver directly to Chinese officials:"

Thank you so much for your help!

December 2007

We have recently incorporated and are filing for Non Profit Status as: Camera's for Culture Inc. The Tibetan Photo Project will operate under this umbrella. We will let you know as soon as donations are tax deductible.

We just want to send a note of thanks for a great year for The Tibetan Photo Project.

As you know we finished and premiered our second film, "Visually and Respectfully Yours - The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project" and we are now on the way to our next goal to build The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaker Education Center.

Please feel free to write us if you need more information on the DVD's. We are not yet a non profit. Donations are not tax deductable.

All year we have appreciated hearing from you and we welcome all comments, questions and suggestions.

If you have not visited the Website for a while, please stop by and spend some time in the new galleries and be sure to check out the new online video preview clips.

To date, over 80,000 have checked out these clips on sites like YouTube, VideoGoogle, Aol Uncut Videos and at The Tibetan Photo Project Website.

Please know, we are doing all we can to create a voice for the Tibetan community in exile through their photography and we have appreciated that you are telling your friends about the project.

So again, our thanks.

As we approach the holidays, we wish you the very best. Peace.

Visually and Respectfully Yours, Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga, The Tibetan Photo Project

Please Visit the Tibetan Photo Project at

To Keep Updated, drop us an email at: and please put 'Tibet' in your subject line.


China is growing in influence on the world stage. For several years it has been increasing its military spending at a rate that is over twice the growth rate of its economy. The next leader in China is likely to be Hu Jintao. His political rise, is due in large part to his implementing and maintaining of a brutal hard-line policy during his term overseeing China's control of Tibet.

There are many wonderful works that look at Tibet from the outside. The Tibetan Photo Project is designed to provide a voice to the Tibetans by exhibiting their views through their own works of photography. Their vantage point on China and their experiences in Tibet and in exile are extremely relevant to anyone trying to understand the geopolitical, military and economic designs of China in the future. The intent is to provide a view through the eyes of the Tibetan community, create a vehicle that provides an elementary introduction and links you to further study and understanding while giving a personal voice to the Tibetans that participate in this project. Because of its unique perspective, the project which began in 2000, is also catching the eye of the art world with write ups by art columnist Kenneth Baker of the San Francisco Chronicle (Feb. 5, 2002), the June 2002 edition of Art & Antiques Magazine and the Santa Barbara art and culture magazine, Head.

Please feel free to contact us about a slide show presentation and gallery exhibitions and prints. Thank you for stopping by the Tibetan Photo Project. We hope you will return often, tell your friends and please be sure to explore the links.

The needs of the project are outlined at and Help Photo Project

Visually Yours,

Joe Mickey & Sazzy Lee Varga

Contact us via e-mail at

For the latest news on Tibet please visit Connect with Tibet

ARCHEIVES - Founders News

2007 and 2008






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**We have recently incorporated and are filing for Non Profit Status as: Camera's for Culture Inc. The Tibetan Photo Project will operate under this umbrella. We will let you know as soon as donations are tax deductible. ** 

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