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Building the Tibetan Photo Project Education Centers

***Recently The Tibetan Photo Project received a very special donation of a $2500 broadcast quality camera from Terry Vaughn at Mendocino TV. The addition of an Apple Computer will provide a complete film making center to be established in a Tibetan exile community in India. The total cost of the computer is $2000.00 which will include the latest in film editing softwear.

We hope you will make a contribution or buy a DVD on the donation page at and make this goal a reality. Much thanks ... We will keep you updated. Thank you for joining us at The Tibetan Photo Project and helping grow the voice of Tibetans through their films and photos.***


The Tibetan Photo Project is not a non profit at this time.

In return we will send you a DVD, "Visually and Respectfully Yours, The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project," filmed in Tibetan communities in India.

Send over $50 and we will send you our three feature DVD'S:
"Voices In Exile"
"Visually and Respectfully Yours, The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project"
"Save Tibet Why"

Out-of-country payments can be made through Western Union
Notices and questions can be emailed to
Please put "Photo Project Donation" in your subject line.


$700-Karen and Nathan Greenbaum
$3-Meaghan Good from Australia
(We want to make a special thanks to Meghan - It is this sort of donation that adds up when everyone makes the effort.
- Thanks you!
$200- J R Bomford from UK
$1000-Julie Richmond from Australia has invested
$329 - Screening at Point Arena
$171 - Mendocino, CA, Event
$1000.00- Anonymous
$40- Steven Heikler
$25- Alan Peters (again and thanks)
$50- Paul Bailard (again)
$468- Caspar Tibetan Movie Night Donations
$25- Alan Peters (Thank you again)
$100 - Peter Couchman, UK
$100 John Kittridge, Canada - for his 2010 goal donation goal.
$90 Julie Richmond, Canada - Film Maker Education Centers
$121.00- Anonymous
$40.00- Erika Widmaier
$25- Catherine Scrivins - Canada
$25- Jane Barkley Sutherland - West Virginia
$20- Grail Dawson
$25- Better Barber
$25- Paul Johnson, England
$100- Joy McGreggor (Thank you a third time)-((we will miss you Joy.))
$100 - John Kittridge (again-and Thank you)
$600- William Trione
$25- Lyn Revie
$200.00 from Karen Greenbaum
$100 - Armand Assante
$100 - John Kittridge
$100 - Joy McGreggor (again-Thank you)
$60 - Earlene and Yuwach Gleisner
$20 - Melissa Patino
$20 - Tina Chardonnet
$25 - Stephen Kennedy
$25 - Alan Peters
$25 - Katherine Lee
$45 - Patricia Palden
$50 - Elizabeth Humphries
$25 - Ryan Walker
$800- from the premiere in Mendocino
$100- John Kittridge
$100- Joy Macgregor
$50-Elizabeth Humphries & David Klinger
$40- Mercedes Grandin
$25- Ryan Walker
$45- Patricia Palden
$100- Dara Dandrea-Giannotti

$7500 seed money (not included in total we will raise)

CONTINUE TO Read how else your donations help!

Click Images to Buy " NOW!
on Amazon! (19.95 inc. s/h)

Tibetan Film Center

How you can help build The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaker Education Centers

For more details, contact Joe Mickey at The Tibetan Photo Project
On the Web:

Total amount to be raised $165,000.

The Tibetan Photo Project is not a non-profit at this time. (We will be apply for status shortly)

The Tibetan Photo Project has been evolutionary since day-one in 2000 and through the production and release  of "Voices in Exile."   Bringing to the current date, we produced a second film, released 2006-2007, "Visually and Respectfully Yours - The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project," was directed in all three proposed education center areas by the key Tibetan photographers who have brought The Tibetan Photo Project to this point.

In producing "Voices in Exile" we continued that evolution and designed a model that allowed Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang to film and edit a complete feature documentary film. We supplied professional camera, computers and various editing and production hardware and educational materials for his film and provided an income to accommodate a filming and editing schedule. 

• The goal of The Tibetan Photo Project is to establish three of The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaker Education Centers in India.

The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaker Education Centers will be established in three phases, beginning in the north area of Dharamsala, Mcleod Ganj, one in the Tibetan community in Delhi and one in the southern Tibetan Colony of Mungod in Southern India.

• The design of The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaker Education Centers is to establish a collection of editing bays and supply cameras for check out in a classroom type facility that would include educational materials and Internet connections to help bring finished films to market and also get them online. 

• Phase One would establish the first center in or around Dharamsala/ Mcleod Ganj with five editing bays, one with internet connection five Cameras, backup hard drives, and associated software and miscellaneous equipment such as tripods, blank media for filming, etc.

The projected cost of Phase One including facility space rent and wages for 2-3 years startup will run approximately $65,000.  Certain site-specific equipment is also needed for the security of equipment in India's particular weather conditions.

• Beyond phase one, we expect some costs to overlap as we have trained Tibetan filmmakers who will teach programs, etc. at all center locations. We also have a successful Tibetan businessman who will help with getting facilities and in-country money management when we are not there.

• The final  goal for The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaker Education Centers is to create self-sufficient income centers for Tibetans while they provide an international  voice from the Tibetan community.  As these centers gain footing they will be turned over entirely to the Tibetans to both manage and eventually own 100%.

The Tibetan Photo Project Filmmaking Education Center will be established in the Tibetan communities of Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj in Northern India. Stage 1 will include three Sony CCD cameras and three Macintosh editing bays with back up systems, tapes and discs. Technical instruction will be offered to aspiring Tibetan filmmakers who will be able to checkout cameras and book time at the editing bays.

The Tibetan Photo Project
Mission Statement

Recognizing that there is much that we can learn from the Tibetans:

The goal of The Tibetan Photo Project is to provide the tools and technical education in photography to create a voice from the films and photos by Tibetans.

While there have been thousands of great visual works documenting the Tibetans, most have been from the perspective of the Western eye.

The Tibetan Photo Project is working to present the Tibetans' own perspective through the Website, exhibits, films, DVD's and other visual programs created from their own photographic work or by film and photo efforts directed by Tibetans.

Please visit The Tibetan Photo Project at

First-time visitors, be sure to visit the update and founders' statement page
and the media coverage page to see how The Tibetan Photo Project is growing
a voice from the Tibetans.

Your donations** can help us build The Tibetan Photo Project Film Education Center in India!


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**We have recently incorporated and are filing for Non Profit Status as: Camera's for Culture Inc. The Tibetan Photo Project will operate under this umbrella. We will let you know as soon as donations are tax deductible. ** 

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