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Save Tibet

"Save Tibet...Why?"

Save Tibet... Why?
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Director of Photography JOE MICKEY Edited by JOE MICKEY


Save Tibet...Why? (60 min approx) Produced by Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga is the sequel to Visually as The Tibetan Photo Project co-founders return to India for an update that is again directed in Tibetan communities by Tibetans. Through the 10 years of work by The Tibetan Project, Mickey and Varga are given unique access into the communities and lives of Tibetans. Mickey has been a photographer, film maker and teacher for over 40 years. Varga works as a producer, actress and model in the Hollywood community. This will be a very special advance screening of this new film, scheduled for release world-wide through screening parties scheduled around the world later this year.

An Advance review on "Save Tibet ... Why?"

John and his wife Laura have been long time supporters of The Tibetan Photo Project.

We sent him an advance, not quite polished on sound levels etc, but here is what he had to say on first look

"Joe, Laura and I watched the advance copy of Save Tibet... Why? last night and we were both bowled over by it. It struck me that you have encapsulated the feelings as much as the reasons why Tibetans are important to you and Sazzy. The sense of the preciousness of what Tibetans have to share comes across in a very unique and intimate way. I'm sure that most viewers will learn a lot about the Tibetan people and their struggle and come away with an understanding of the cost of China's occupation of Tibet that is deeper rooted. Congratulations to you and Sazzy for creating something truly beautiful."

John K

What people who held a world premeir have said about "Save Tibet...Why?


In Colorado Springs the screening by Jennifer Hunt raised $102 in donations and she said, "Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the film very much!"


In Riverview, Michigan, David Lynch said,
"Screening ROCKED!!! People left with a new awareness for the plight of Tibet.
Comments about our communication and efforts with you and for you: Joe and Sazzy you guys are AWESOME! Held this screening at my home and want to hold one at Jewel Heart Tibetan Buddhist Center in Ann Arbor and then float the disc to all the other Jewel Heart Centers for them to screen at a date that fits into the centers schedule. Thank you for allowing me to participate in such an amazing event. Photos to follow in a later email."


Wazza said, "Here are a couple of photo's of some of the people that watched my private screening of " Save Tibet ... Why ?" The photos I got taken with the Tibetan Flag to so Solidarity with The Tibetan People .It was @ my place of work which is a Sound Healing Place where we use Gongs ,Didjeridoos , Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls .
Hope the screenings all go well .
Thank you for this opportunity."


Lori Allen said,
"Hi Joe! Just got home from my premier party! I had 7 guests and ended up with $51 in donations as well. I will post pics as soon as I can!"


France in Auckland, New Zealand said,
"It's 11:30 p.m. in Auckland and our guests have just left after watching "Save Tibet. . . Why?" A good time was had by all."


"Dear Joe and Sazzy,
The screening of a film took a place today at 5pm in Bratislava. All happened in a kind, respectful and peaceful atmosphere. We had about 25 people there and there will be a video and photos from it. It will take a few days cause I dont have my laptop here but I will do my best to post some asap.
A good luck with the rest of screenings and thank you both for a wonderful job." Monika - Bratislava


Dear Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga,

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter along with the Tibetan Photo Project’s DVDs, “Save Tibet…Why?” which were presented for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

His Holiness is presently out of station and on his return we shall present them to him.

Your thoughtful gesture is much appreciated.

With best wishes,

Yours Sincerely,

Tsultrim Dorjee
Administrative Assistant

Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Thekchen Choeling
McLeod Ganj - 176 219
Dharamsala, (H.P.)

Ph.: +91 (1892) 221343, 221879, 221210
Fax: +91 (1892) 221813


"Hi Joe & Sazzy, really thank you, what you guys do is truly inspiring and life-changing; film, photography, video... it's powerful! These are beautiful and profound stories and we are privileged to hear and see them. So happy to be one of the many many people involved. Peace."

“Hi Joe and Sazzy!
Just previewed the film and it is amazing! Thanks so much for the opportunity to introduce this film to my community”


“We received the disk and it played ok with no flaws! We just loved it. Great work Joe and Sazzy, the images are beautiful! The contrast between the peaceful, happy Tibetans and the Chinese brutality is stark and poignant. Bishop Desmond Tutu's speech (and dance) is outstanding! That lady in the hat who comes right up to the camera and smiles, and the baby, really imprint themselves on my mind, and the little details, the intimate insight into the lives of the Tibetans from their own perspective. Opens a new door into Tibet and why we must save it, get China out of Tibet, and repatriate His Holiness, and why we must do it now, in his lifetime.


...Going to give this everything I can to make it a success for us and you and HH and the people of Tibet, and try and raise as much as we can to help you continue this work. Love the unique concept, can you get more cameras ...


So looking forward to our World Premiere Screening Party, will keep in touch re progress. Thanks again for this beautiful film Joe and Sazzy, you're beautiful people to do this you know. By the way - loved the end credits - hilarious!”


“...and yes, we will send you photos of our event. Thanks for putting together this important documentary!”


“Such a beautiful film! I just cried. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so blessed to have seen it. I cant wait to bless others by showing it to them. Thank you, Joe and Sazzy!”


"I got my copy the other day and I played it at home and was truly blown away by the
Your passion shows through the lens of the camera. Thank you so very much for making such an important film. Thanks again for your awesome vision and great passion"


JOB !!!! Really ... Congratulations! You and Sazzy and the entire
team ought to be very proud. Thank you so much for all you are doing.
You are blessed.

Photos from just a few of the place the WORLD PREMIER of Save Tibet...Why? Will took place:

Bratislava Slovakia
Brataslava- (click image to enlarge)

Football in Belgium
Schoten Belgiumand one of Antwerp football team in St Jansplein Antwerp
(click image to enlarge)

3 singing nuns
Brugge the three singing nuns,who got 15 years of prison, while singing a song to praise HH dalai lama. These three live in Belgium permanent.
(click image to enlarge)

Waffles sold by nun in Belgium
One nun is now selling Belgian waffles for the yushu victims.
(click image to enlarge)

Nun in front of EU
And one in front of europian parliament.
(click image to enlarge)


Coona Australia
Command Central for the planning of the Coona, Austraila show!
(click image to enlarge)

Haitr Nirvana Scottsdale AZ
Hair Nirvana/Arizona MaLa - a peaceful place for Hair and Art, supporting the cultures of Tibet and Native America in Scottsdale, AZ.


We had our premiere screening of our new film, “Save Tibet... Why?” Saturday, October 23, 2010. Because of all of you this was a world-wide premier event!

We offered 110 DVD's free to the first 110 who promise to host a screening party or any form of public screening on the 10.23.10 date.

Some of the places that made this event possible include:

Zuid Holland, The Netherlands
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Riverview, Michigan
Stupava, Slovakia
Umeå, Sweden
Sint Andries Brugge, Belgium
Brantford Ontario, Canada
Scottsdale, AZ
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Charlestown, MA 02129
Bicton WA, Australia
Evansville, IN
Neshkoro, WI
Decatur, GA
North Little Rock, AR
Norcross, GA
Bangalore, India
Redondo Beach, Ca.
Hammond, IN
Townsend, Ma
Belchertown, MA
New Boston, TX
Venice, CA
North Garden, VA
Maisons-Alfort, France
Albany, New Zealand
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hamilton Hill,Western Australia
Westminster, CO 92683
Carrbrook, Stalybridge, UK
Colorado Springs, Co
Santa Fe, NM
Binnaway, Australia
Dunedin, New Zealand
San Francisco, CA
Cullman, Al.
Buranda Queensland, Australia
Wroclaw, Poland
Ausstellungsstrasse, Austria
Lopez WA
Las Vegas, NV
Melbourne Victoria, Australia
Port Coquitlam, BC Canada
Madeira Islands - Portugal
Louisville, KY
St Sauveur des Monts, Canada
Houston, Tx
Ft. Pierce, Fl.
Carterton, New Zealand
Jackson hHeights Ny
Berkeley, CA
Archena-Murcia, Spain
Las Vegas, NV
Brighton, UK
Saint Martin, French West Indies
Taylors, South Carolina
Dharamsala Dist Kangra, HP India
Saugerties, NY
Groniningen, Netherlands
Orlando, FL
Schoten, Belgium
Montpellier, France
London, United Kingdom
Victoria, BC
San Luis Opispo Ca 93401
Apple Valley, MN
Chartres, France
Belmont, CA
Brantford Ontario, Canada
Pownal, ME
Decatur, GA 30033
Kranj, Slovenia
London, United Kingdom

If you hosted an event and have photos we would love to include them on the site. email us.

"Save Tibet...Why?" Available on Amazon BUY NOW

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