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Reports from inside Tibet

Note: As we get reports, we will post them. They will be edited for everyone's safety.
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Nov. 2006

17 year old Tibetan girl shot, click image to play video.

any problem and you can find it here

July 9, 2010 BBC report inside Tibet

Received 3/29/09
From India: "DEAR SAZZY and JOE, This news from Nepal. China are offering to help fix the power problem which, they say will take 15-20 to rectify. 16 hours a day is really tough. As a condition of this aid they want the Tibetan reception centre closed! the home minister has raised it in parliament, the Nepalese are desperate and want to comply. The reception centre (the place where Tibetan arrivals are recieved in Nepal and then processed as refugees for India) exists under a UN agreement. If they close it there will be no way out of Tibet. "the UN and US have no sway in Nepal right now, China have all the money".


Associated Press
March 29, 2009
TORONTO - A cyber spy network based mainly in China has tapped into classified documents from government and private organizations in 103 countries, including the computers of Tibetan exiles, Canadian researchers said Saturday.
The work of the Information Warfare Monitor initially focused on allegations of Chinese cyber espionage against the Tibetan community in exile, and eventually led to a much wider network of compromised machines, the Internet-based research group said.
"We uncovered real-time evidence of malware that had penetrated Tibetan computer systems, extracting sensitive documents from the private office of the Dalai Lama," investigator Greg Walton said.

Tibet Monk Shot by Chinese Police After Setting Himself on Fire
Washington Post

By Maureen Fan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, February 28, 2009; Page A09
BEIJING, Feb. 27 -- A young Tibetan monk was shot by Chinese police after he set himself on fire Friday, the third day of the Tibetan New Year, at a market in Sichuan province's Aba prefecture, Tibetan activist groups said, citing eyewitnesses.

•Witnesses say protesting Tibetan monk shot at by Chinese police
•They tell human rights group the monk was taken away to undisclosed location
•Monk apparently set himself on fire after a new year festival was banned
•Chinese state agency says police put out flames, took man to hospital


Tibetan New Year © AP
Tibetan monks in ghoulish costumes during the ghost banishing ceremony held at the Lama Temple on the eve of the Tibetan
New Year in Beijing, China Photo: AP

PLUS These links ... Shocking Video of Chinese Police Brutality from Tibet (Caution Graphic)-
And of course China shut these down.


Word from inside Tibet

April 17, 2010
This is from a monk in Mcleod Ganj, India ~ He is about 25 and he came out of Tibet about 5 years ago.

We are not fixing his note... its as he wrote it. I will say this. I will venture we are not getting a clear picture from China. Here is his note:

How are you? i am fine,i am going to some my class and especially very interesting with my astrology class, which is not too had me.
As you know as in our country Tibet had very bad earthquakes,many Tibetan died,
some one who were come from that earthquakes place say say about three thousand Tibetan died and twenty thousand Tibet people injured.
which is very big amount Tibetan and we are very sad,but which they were could not avoid
might that is a karma and could not change.we are only could pray them safely their mind rebirth next life.
But you let know my family is safely staying in Tibet and very well.
Then take care and best wish for you
Sincerely your ________ brother
like you very much


Leaving Fear Behind (in Tibetan, Jigdrel) is a heroic film shot by Tibetans from inside Tibet, who longed to bring Tibetan voices to the Beijing Olympic Games.. The footage was smuggled out of Tibet under extraordinary circumstances. The filmmakers were detained soon after sending their tapes out, and remain in detention today.

Fleeing students bring tales of Tibet repression

Sat, Nov 22 10:56 PM

(corrects spelling of surname in 10th, 11th paragraphs)
By Bappa Majumdar
DHARAMSALA (Reuters) - Tibetans are regularly beaten up, their homes raided at night and hundreds have gone missing as a brutal Chinese crackdown continues inside Tibet, a group of Tibetan students who escaped into India this week said. entire story at

April 18, 2008: Edited for the protection of everyone involved. We are happy to discuss the contacts and blanked out information in the following report in person with accredited representatives of the press. Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga

Dear Joe,

i am not sure if you have any contacts to the press, but if you do then I would be grateful if you released this information to them. I have just communicated ______ with _______ but apparently it's hell right now in (named Tibetan Town). The monks walked to the government offices (very peacefully) and wanted to ask for the release of arrested monks who had been arrested recently. The monks have not made it to the offices. At this time the military is bashing them in the streets, Tibetan people are screaming and crying and about 200 monks have been arrested so far. But it's all happening as I write this. ________ will talk to me again tonight. The contact is very worried - it's war zone there.

If you don't know anyone, no problem. I just try anyone who could possibly know someone in the press.

A week ago I received news that the beggar children's father__________ (contact confirmation information______ )had been arrested a month ago in a raid on his room (his crime was that a monk was in his room.... this monk, a relative, had brought his own father for a pilgrimage to Lhasa - he had never involved himself in any riots). The monk and his father were shoved off into the back of a truck as well then. The same day I was told by the headmaster of the school, _________ 2 young Tibetans were shot at short range near a school . I have just now received this Contact from my good friend _______( Inside Tibet locations). I am not at all politically inclined, but this makes my blood boil... best wishes,

This following was given to our contact from inside Tibet

I do not know how many monks were arrested today since I was told some different number .
some are saying more than 200 monks or some are saying more than 400monks are arrested Including family . I am trying to keep secret to my family.because I knew my ______ will become crazy.all around monestery is controled by heavy one can go through and come out from monestery.

I spoke to ______ this morning by ______ (she is in _____ right now) and the arrests were going on right then. ____Monks were arrested at the monastery yesterday or the day before (I cannot remember exactly) and today all the monks walked to the city office to ask for the release of the three monks. They never made it to the city office, the military attacked them just outside the monastery compound. _______________ tells me that Tibetans all over town are just crying. They don't understand what's going on.

More on this story at:

March. 29, 2008

Dear Joe,
This time I have one personnel request for you.
I am here to inform that in recent month the situation here in Nepal has been tighten on Tibetans. I am facing tough day since many are aware of my writing on Tibetan affairs in Nepal press. Some of my good colleague told me that I should restraint writing on Tibetan affairs for time being. In Boudha Tibetan inhabited area where I am staying now seems to be more insecure as they are secret service agent funded by Chinese informing all the update to the Chinese Embassy. You are fully aware of Chinese dramatic interference in Nepal soil on Tibetan refugees. I am here in Kathmandu for more than 8 years but now it’s getting worse situation on Tibetan especially those who are involved with Tibet Campaign.
On the above, the USA Consular here in Kathmandu are considering good on Tibetan refugee seeking Visa to United States mainly due to Nepalese authority not handling Tibetan refugees properly. Could you please arrange me an invitation or your personal invitation to me this time? I have submitted the entire necessary document to the Embassy expect an invitation. They told me to bring an invitation very shortly.
Your help to me on this matter will be greatly helpful for my family's difficulties.
I am very optimistic that you will help to me this time.
With much hopes from you soon.
With best wishes,
Sincerely Yours,

(Name removed for safety)

The Tibetan Photo Project works with Tibetans in Exile

(We have edited this for the safety of the source.)
Received from one of several reliable sources Nepal / China border
March 25, 2008

I am very concern with report Despite the huge diplomatic snub by China as it summoned India's ambassador at 2am on Saturday to protest against Tibetan activists breaking into the Chinese embassy in Delhi, the government here is silent on the reported deployment of Chinese troops in Nepal. According to reports, China stationed forces on the Nepalese side of the border with Tibet last week, in order to keep tabs on protests by Tibetans in Nepal over the past few days. The Chinese forces were in plainclothes, but armed with small weapons, sources said. This has rung alarm bells in India's security apparatus, but there's no official reaction. Nepal can take any steps for Free Tibet works here in my place. Please forward this report to CNN AND BBC AND NEW YORK TIMES if you can reach to them.

Where needed, Witness notes are edited for the safety of the writer;
March 25, 2008

As a free spokesperson of Tibetan, I had a great obligation and duties to serve my nation during our critical stage. These days I feel more insecure with writing article in Nepalese paper. Chinese officials here in Kathmandu are closely watching all the activities by the Tibetan.
With best wishes,
Sincerley Yours,
(Name removed for safety)

March 22, 2008

Dear Joe and Sazzy,

I am very distress and sadden with the reports of unrest in my country. Since two week back the Tibetans had a peaceful protest on China occupation. Hope you are aware of these reports from Tibet.Today i got latest report from Tibet stating that Sera Monastery and the Gaden Monastery monks are not allowed to get out and no one is allowed inside.

Since foreigners and journalists are now banned from the country and Tibetans can be jailed for speaking to foreign media, there's little anyone outside China can do now to influence events. The People's Liberation Army will do what it does, and all expressions of public dissent in Tibet will be ruthlessly crushed. At the moment the death toll reaches about 90 and thousand had been arrested so far.

I am just back to Kathmandu and I immediately wrote in Nepalese paper on Tibet Crackdown.
Hope that the Chinese will not take any forceful act on my peoples in Tibet.

With best wishes,
Sincerely Yours,
(Name removed for safety)

March 20, 2008 received this from our Tibetan friend who provides photographs for the Tibetan Photo Project in southern India.

We have left it just as he has written it. It came to us under the subject line of "Sorrow News"

dear joe how are you and your friend? Here losang and me not happy everyday. coz you know very well for Our Tibet condition. I'm so so sorrow for TIBET. Joe I can't see TIBET. I bron in INDIA. BUT I LOVE VERY MUGH FOR OUR TIBET.I HOPE YOU know very much for Tibet and Tibetans about.joe I need more are more write for Tibet news about but actually I not a good writting but I like write to you. Chines are very lier and very bad people. frist day I was crying more. nextday we prayer for who are death and arrest to chines aday here hunger strick and peace murch three four days in INDIA.near the Chiness Addiminesteresat Delhi. thank you with lots of love. L.Topgyal and L.Tsering.

March 17, 2008

Forwarded to us from a friend of The Tibetan Photo Project.

Hello all,

A few of you have been asking about the situation in Tibet. First, we are in Bhutan right now so we have been following the situation mainly through the news and through contacting friends in India and Tibet. While we were in India it was very clear that Tibetans were preparing quite a few demonstrations in the light of the Olympic Games. The feeling was that this is their last chance to do something for the Tibet cause since the whole world have their eyes on China. On March 10th, celebrating the 49th anniversary of the occupation of Tibet and the flight of H.H. the Dalai Lama to India) the exile community had planned a Peace March that would go from Dharamsala to Delhi and from there to the Tibet border to protest for the Chinese Occupation of Tibet (incidentally, it was also two weeks before China's intended start of the Olympic festivities, including carrying the Olympic flame through Tibet). This march was echoed (although we still don't know if there was communication between the Exile and Tibetans in Tibet so it would coincide) by a march of monks from the main monasteries surrounding Lhasa (Drepung and Sera mainly) into the capital. While the march in Dharamsala was stopped by the Indian police without any significant violence, the one in Tibet sparked protests all over the city, which led to a large amount of Tibetan gathering on the Barkhor (the area surrounding the sacred Jonang temple). Once there the crowd confronted the police (burning police cars, etc.) and burned quite a few of the Chinese businesses in the area. The ensuing repression only fueled more anger and has had Tibetans protesting not only in Lhasa but in other parts of Tibet (Labrang Monastery and Ngaba in Amdo especially). The number of deaths is still not clear, but it can be significant (while 10 is the official Chinese count, more than a 100 is claimed by the exile government in Lhasa alone).

Somebody we know in Amdo, married to a Tibetan, just send me the following e-mail regarding the situation in Ngaba:

My wife & I have been calling into Ngawa every day this week for the latest news. Things are bad & are not being reported. There were 20 protesters executed at gunpoint in public yesterday in Ngawa & probably about 30 more (including a good friend of mine) who were shot in random fire & who are wounded but can't go to the hospital because they don't want the officials to know who they are. There are riots in the streets & cars are being burned & turned upside-down in revolt. Its also happening in Labrang. We have not heard anything from Ganze or other places in Kham as of yet. Of course Lhasa remains the worst with probably more than 100 people killed. That's pretty much what we know at the moment, but I'm sure there is more to the story... phones & the internet are interrupted due to regular & prolonged power outings.

It is difficult to say what is going to happen in the next days, weeks. The only guide we have for a situation like this was the way the Chinese government cracked down in the late 80's after a series of similar protests in Lhasa, and the way the Chinese government dealt with Tiananmen. A few things have changed though. The first one is that, in a way, now "everybody is a reporter" (cell phones with cameras have revolutionized communication!). Although China has not allowed (surprise surprise) international media to report what's going on on the ground, many people with phones and have been able to send pictures and videos that showed the gravity of the situation. The second one, of course, is the Olympic Games and the international media exposure that the country has forced upon itself (China received the Olympic bid with the understanding that they would improve both human rights and allow international media greater access to reporting in China before and during the Olympic games). This was supposed to be the coming out party of China on the international stage... and Tibetans knew that; therefore, the demonstrations.

It's going to be interesting to see how the events will unfold in the next days, but we should keep all of our Tibetans friends in our thoughts and our prayers.

Take care and thanks for your concern,

Received March 3, 2008

China is cracking down and waging a fear campaign inside its borders to
try to discourage any sort of human rights demonstrations during the
Olympics. We have several reports coming in, including this most recent from a
regular source about Nepal.

The situation in Nepal on those new arrivals from Tibet might face deportation.
Dozens of Nepali police officers surrounded and searched the Tibetan
Reception Center late Saturday until they found Tsering Dhundup, 27,
officials from the center said."This is the first time anybody has been
arrested from Reception Center. A senior police officer in the capital
confirmed that Nepali authorities had handed the man over to Chinese
authorities."The immigration department of Nepal sent him to
the Nepal-China border in Kodari and handed him over to Chinese
officials Monday. Those Tibetan who face deportation from Nepal to
China will have very serious punishment from the Chinese. He or She may
face 2 years of jail for trying to join exiled community. How sad it

Witness news from India, Received Jan, 2008

I read a report which was published by my closed know organization in India. They send to me the copy of the report to my attention.

Year 2007 sees repression worsening in Tibet

“The year round assessment of the human rights situation in Tibet finds Communist Chinese Authorities committing severe violations of human rights in Tibet as a result of placing heightened security measures and cracking down heavily on incidences of peaceful protests by Tibetan people.

Not surprisingly, the report finds “cases of arbitrary arrest and detentions” increased almost threefold compared to previous year (2006), “suggesting a clear indication of the human rights situation worsening in Tibet.

Thank you very much for your nice wording “You are always in our thoughts” I wish to play more active role and better cooperation with others Tibet Support Groups in the coming years.

With Kind regards,
Sincerely Yours,

Witness news from Nepal, Received Oct. 26, 2007
I received information today that Chinese border People's Armed Police (PAP) shot three round of bullets on a group of 39 Tibetan Refugees again at Nangpala Pass on the Nepal-Tibet border on Ocotber 18 at about 11.30 AM China time. Of the 39, 36 managed to escape the atrocity and safely reached Kathmandu. “The remaining three were arrested by the Chinese soldiers but, no one was injured,” an eye witness told me in Kathmandu. These groups will be leaving to India when all the legal process will be completed.

Sept 6, 2007
Life in Nepal is getting more and more difficult for Tibetan refugees. The Office of the Dalai Lama has been closed for quite some time and this report came in on Sept 6, 2007.

The situation here in Kathamndu has been shaken much since three bomb blasts on 2nd September erupt the heart of City which resulted three killed and many injured. Till now one had claimed this incident. Many critics says that the Maoist were behind this blast. This was a major incident since the government and the rebels groups had laid down its agreement year back. 
Blasts occurred at three busy areas in the capital city Sunday afternoon, killing at least two persons and injuring over two dozen others.  The blasts occurred in Tripureshwor, Sundhara and Balaju areas around 4:15 pm. The blasts in Tripureshwor and Sundhara took place at bus stands. Seven students of Bishwo Niketan Higher Secondary School, who were waiting for their bus, were among those injured in the blast in Tripureswhor. Anisha KC, a student of Bishwo Niketan, was killed in the blast at the bus stand in Tripureshwor while the identity of the second victim, a woman,at around 40 is yet to be verified. The Home Ministry has confirmed the two deaths. Passengers inside a Kritipur Yatayat bus were also injured by splinters from the blast in Tripureshwor. Television footages showed some injured persons lying on the ground as police personnel hurried for rescue. Another bomb went off inside a microbus near Balaju Industrial estate, Balaju, injuring over a dozen passengers. The microbus operating on the Ratnapark-New Bus Park route was completely ripped apart by the powerful blast. I am sadden with this unfortunate act.

"In one of history's more absurd acts of totalitarianism, China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnation without government permission."
-- Newsweek, Aug 27, 2007

August 8, 2007:  Excerpts from the press materials from Students for a Free Tibet.

“Around 10 p.m. NYC time (10 a.m. Beijng time) six courageous Tibetan independence activists from the UK, US, and Canada were detained by Chinese authorities after rappelling (abseiling) off the top of the Great Wall of China with a 450-square foot banner reading “One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 2008” in English and Chinese.

The activists from the UK, the US and Canada are Sam Price, Melanie Raoul, Leslie Kaup, Duane Martinez, Pete Speller and Nupur Modi.  Their current whereabouts are unknown but we are monitoring the situation closely.

The action took place on the eve of the one-year countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympics as China was preparing for what they thought would be a glorious celebration.  As Ben Blanchard from The Guardian has already reported: "Free Tibet activists on the Great Wall, a barrage of critical rights reports, a shroud of smog hanging over Beijing -- China's government must surely have imagined a more auspicious one-year countdown for the Olympics."

To see the footage of these amazing Tibetan freedom activists in action, click on the links below:

You can also see still photos at:

An assessment of Nepal, July 2007
We are offering this but have edited as a matter of safety

Dear Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga,
The situation in Nepal on Tibetan refugees seems to be calm, but with the Chinese authority in Kathmandu  and deals with the Maoist leaders creates a lot of worries.  

A senior member in the Maoist hierarchy, Barshaman Pun has been to China twice in the past six months.

Nepal needs China to make arrangements for a limited supply of petroleum products for Nepali consumers which could put extra pressure to the Tibetans in Nepal.

The Prime Minister, G.P Koirala will be visiting to China next month and high level delegation from China is also expect to reach Kathmandu next month.
The Chinese side reportedly raised questions regarding the Tibetan refugee issues. “Zheng Xianglin, the Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China to Nepal, said, “I hope the leaders of Nepal understand the sensitivity of Tibetan refugee issues. I believe that Nepalese government will handle the refugee issue properly”   China couldn't care less about Nepal.  China has no use for anything in Nepal that doesn't have to do with either buffering against India or harassing Tibetan refugees in Nepal. The situation for Tibetan refugees in Nepal is very sensitive and without a strong government, the situation looks to be not good for the Tibetans. It might be volatile, if the government was to be run by the Maoist.
The one ray of hope for  Tibetan refugees is an offer by the U.S. to re-settle about 5,000 to  U.S. soil. The offer comes as a reprieve for Tibetans who are without refugee status in Nepal, are in fear of being deported if the Chinese pressure increases.

The offer can not be put into action until the refugees are issued exit permits to leave Nepal.
Regarding the election in Nepal, It should be noted that King Gyanendra got a space to play an unfair game once free and fair election could not be held within stipulated time. The Monarchy is still lurking behind the curtain and its possible attack on democracy cannot be rule out if November 22nd election is not free and fair. It is hard to imagine a free and fair election in these chaotic and lawless times.

The  Office of His Holiness the Dalai lama in Kathmandu was suspended in early 2005 by King's regime. 

Recieved July 2006

Report from inside Tibet

Tibet is a very beautiful country and the Tibetans are extremely kind and wonderful people despite their circumstances. My heart breaks for them as they live under such extreme conditions in regards to the Chinese controls. As I am sure you are aware, they are discriminated against in terms of jobs and education in their own country! They have to watch every word and personal action. Yet their faith in Buddhism and H. H. the Dalai Lama remain steadfast. I admire their faith. I hope to return again in the near future. However, I worry what the result of the new train travel will bring.

I have watched your video (Editor's note: "Voices in Exile by Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang) and find it very interesting in the different viewpoints of the people interviewed. I wish that the world in general was more aware of the atrocities being commited everyday in Tibet. Perhaps then more people would take action with their governments in assisting the Tibetans.

Thanks again for all of your efforts in getting the DVD to me

When I was traveling in China,
I met a number of Tibetans who always talked with disdain about the Chinese police. I saw how arrogant policemen were, parading in town etc. I also met a Tibetan man who spoke perfect English, having fled to India, gotten some education and returned to Amdo province. When we talked, a lot of people gathered around us, just by curiosity. We were talking about how he fled, and about other people who got caught and were imprisoned. Then he suddenly became nervous, and just said good-bye. 5 minutes later, a young boy came to me and made signs that I should follow him. I did so and he took me to the same Tibetan man who was waiting just outside the market where we were earlier. We talked again and same thing, a lot of people gathered, and he became nervous, then switched conversation abruptly from politics to: "look on the hills, see the yaks ? it's so beautiful". Were there some people in the crowd who would mention the conversation to the police ? For sure I could feel the pressure and the heavy police presence.

I wish you all the best for your project. Denny

On the letter above the Tibetan Photo Project asked: Can you put this in a bit of context and tell us what year you had this experience as it will help track both improvements and deterioration in the situation inside of Tibet.

The answer below has been edited for the security and protection of the Tibetans and Chinese citizens inside of China and Tibet.

I traveled in Sichuan in 2001. This was part of a much longer trip. I did not actually go into Tibet but spent about 3 weeks in Tibetan areas of western Sichuan. I went from Zhongdian to Xiancheng to Litang to Kangding and then to the valley of Qiang people and on to some small monastery further on and to Aba, Hongyan, Langmusi and Xiahe. I met a young Tibetan with a poet mind, the only person in the whole of China who said "I don't like noise."

On one occasion, the police came knocking at my hotel room door at 1a.m. asking for my passport. When I went next day to the police to show my passport so they would not disturb me again, I asked the man from the hotel to come along and explain. I saw how disdainful the police officer were towards him, barely looking up to him, and not even checking my passport, I felt I had put the hotel man in an embarrassing situation, as he was clearly not comfortable. On another occasion, I think it was, I was told to turn back by a police officer while walking in a monastery and to leave the next day (which I had planned anyway).

In another village, I met some Tibetan painters working in a newly built temple. They proudly showed me around, I took photos and several months later, I wrote and sent the photos. They replied in Tibetan, which I got very roughly and only verbally translated. (Roughly because the translator came from western Tibet and could not understand clearly the dialect from eastern Tibet). He told me that the Tibetan painters would like some help to flee. Not much I could do for them, and also if all Tibetans would flee, who will be left ?

However, I also met a number of Chinese people absolutely fascinated by Tibetan culture and I could see that Tibetan music (not always purely traditional but very inspired from it) was very popular in many areas. One Chinese man had come to Buddha's birthday celebrations in Kangding because "communism in China killed religion and there are no celebrations." Another man, also Chinese and also fluent in English explained that the Chinese control the number of monks in monasteries. Also, he said that if the parents are working for the government and the child chooses to become a monk, the parents would loose their jobs. When I told him "how can people accept this ?" he replied "one soldier can kill one hundred, so there is no choice."

The Chinese people want Tibet to be part of China but they do not want to kill the Tibetan culture at all. The attitude of the government is, as always, another story.

Langmusi was very interesting because there is a strong influence from Muslim Chinese. Mosque and Tibetan temples can be found there in the same village.

So many souvenirs from there .... If I can be of further help for your project, don't hesitate to contact me. All the best,


17 year old Tibetan girl shot , Click image to play video

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