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In the fall of 2004, Antioch College in Santa Barbara, mounted and exhibition of both 1932 photographs and contemporary photos. Over 600 people attended the opening. Antioch followed up with a commitment to send the show to the five other colleges and universities in their system. In Spring 2005, the exhibit opened on the Los Angeles Campus and in the fall the show, curated by Lynn Moss-Holly traveled to the Herndon Gallery at Antioch's home campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio where it was presented under the direction of Dr. Colette Palamar.

In the spring of 2005, after a year of preparation, Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana opened a 4-month long exhibit of The Tibetan Photo Project which included the premiere screening of "Voices in Exile" presented by the film's director, Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang. Additional events included community outreach programs to schools and community groups, lectures by Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang and project co-founder Joe Mickey. The exhibit was covered statewide by Louisiana PBS Television.

As part of the Centenary exhibit schedule, a sand mandala and cultural performances by Drepung monks was scheduled through Emory College in Georgia. As an interfaith event, an estimated 1000 people attended the closing cermonies of the sand mandala.

With the closing of the Centenary exhibit, a 62-print exhibit is available for booking at museums and galleries.

In addition to the slideshows and lectures presented in association with the museum and gallery exhibits, Sazzy Varga has presented the slideshow and lecture program at Remington College in San Diego,

Dr. Colette Palamar
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Independent of the exhibits, Sazzy Varga presented the slideshow and lecture program to 125 at Remington College in San Diego. Mickey has spoken at Colorado College and the University of Colorado and several private locations in Colorado Springs and Manitau, Colorado to a combined audience of over 500. Presentations have been given at Mendocino College in Ukiah and Lakeport, California.

Screenings of "Voices in Exile' produced in association with The Tibetan Photo Project have shown or are scheduled in Ohio, Michigan, Australia, New Zealand, and Northern California, Chicago and at the 20th annual Tibet Day in San Francisco on Nov. 20, 2005. "Voices in Exile," is available to Tibet support groups for awareness and fund raising.

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